Is it possible to pass the Real Estate Agent exams in Singapore on the first try?

You probably would have heard horror stories of people failing their Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exam in Singapore after tendering their resignation letters to their former companies and the like – we know because we have heard most of them. We understand how these exams may be daunting for some, which gives rise to our new programme – HomeSKOOL by PLB!

Landed Luxuries 02 – Who lives in Good Class Bungalows in Singapore x

When you think of Good Class Bungalows in Singapore, the first thing you may think of are the likes of Crazy Rich Asians. Well the people living in these magnificent homes are certainly paying a pretty penny as Good Class Bungalows are the most expensive homes to own in Singapore. Wondering who these elusive individuals are? Read on as we spill all the details in this article.