Lifelong learners. Wherever you are in your real estate journey, there’s always something to hone — presenting, research, or even studying right for that RES (Real Estate Salesperson) exams. Skills like these should be easily accessible, straight to the point, and always in the interest to help you grow. We leave no man (or woman) behind, it’s always good to return in kind. Welcome to PLB Assembly.

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If you’re already on this section, you probably already know what you want. That’s great. Check out our comprehensive selection of available courses, right in the comfort of your own home (or at a cafe). These methods have been tried, test, proven and packaged all up for you.

About Assembly

PLB Assembly is a stronghold stemming from PropertyLimBrothers’s main goal — to change the real estate landscape in Singapore. Real Estate advice are a dime in a dozen, but often with hidden agendas.

We’re transparent, and through our insights from PropertyLimBrothers’s co-founder Melvin and Adrian Lim, aim to build top performers with quality, results, and integrity.

“Failure will always be if there isn’t a lesson learnt from it. I learned that the hard way, so you don’t have to. PropertyLimBrother’s Assembly is not just seminars for you, but to us, every time someone views our content, it’s one step closer to making the Real Estate community a better place. It’s a dream-made reality.”

Our Family

We’ve got nothing to hide. Meet our latest coaches handpicked from PropertyLimBrothers, dedicated to your career success.

Associate Listing Manager

Gabriel is a passionate and sincere individual who enjoys the thrill of meeting new people and chatting over a cup of coffee. Prior to joining the real estate industry, Gabriel was a business process analyst; from which he developed strong communication and analytical skills that have continued to serve him well. Gabriel sticks by his personal value that building a strong relationship with his clients is of utmost priority, much to the delight of them.

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Associate Listing Manager

From a young age, Jollene has been exposed to the real estate industry due to her mom?s (read: Christina?s) career journey. From the multiple case studies shared by her inspirational mom, she has since developed a deep interest in the real estate industry, hoping to help connect the right buyer & seller together. Previously one of the videographers in the PropertyLimBrothers media team for two years, she has learned how important it is to market a property in its fullest potential through visuals. She also experienced first hand how different teams work together. With these experiences efficient & effective problem solving is definitely one of Jollene?s biggest strengths.

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Associate Listing Manager

Valerie Lim Google Review Extremely happy with Jun Wei and George’s services rendered. They work efficiently and we never had to push them to do anything. The initiative was really appreciated. We found our home and they managed to negotiate and work within our budget to get it. Ailin Lim Google Review It was a …

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The academia of Real Estate in Singapore. Learn what to study, and most importantly, how to execute it perfectly.

Prepping for the RES exams shouldn’t be taking shots in the dark nor taking lead from unrepeatable sources.

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