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Cherishing the Singaporean Identity & Heritage — URA Long-Term Plan 2022

As Singapore continues to mature as an independent nation, it becomes increasingly important to remember where we came from. Unity is not something that is taken for granted in Singapore. A multiracial, multicultural country such as ours needs to be extra vigilant to make sure that society is proactively inclusive. Mutual respect and understanding for …

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How will Singapore be a more Liveable & Inclusive City? URA Long-Term Plan 2022

The exciting new exhibition put together by URA, Space for Our Dreams highlights the Long-Term Plan moving forward. Illustrating that small but meaningful changes are what will help Singapore go from today to a future-ready city.

Join us to uncover URA’s goals to make Singapore a more inclusive and liveable place, focusing on the challenges and intended solutions moving forward.

Does having a Popular Primary School near your property matter increase the value of your property? MOAT Analysis — Parents’ Attraction Effect

Location is important, but what exactly do we look for? Depending on your stage in life and the reason for buying the property, different factors will be more important to you. One of these is having a primary school near you — does it really matter?

Join us as we cover aspects of the lease, value, volume and MRT distance of three different properties as we focus on the Parent’s Attraction Effect.

Designing our way to better Well-Being — URA Long-Term Plan 2022

The element of Play is a major highlight in the URA Long-Term Plan 2022. Play is an important part of balancing stress, relationships, work, and fun. So, how will recreational activities be made more convenient and affordable for residents?

Join us as we weave through the elements of Play into the future of Singapore. We cover three core considerations of convenience, nature, and community in the Long-Term Plan.

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How do Cooling Measures change the Fundamentals of Singapore’s Housing Market?

Cooling Measures has been a crucial way for the government to keep the property market sustainable – is intervention really necessary? We discuss the fundamentals of Singapore’s housing market and how the Cooling Measures have changed the way our market operates for the better.

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Levelling up Singapore’s Mobility: Better Transport Infrastructure than Paris or Tokyo? — URA Long-Term Plan 2022

The LTA Master Plan 2040 is aligned with many of the points on URA’s Long-Term Plan. So, how will these plans achieve a seamless, sustainable and safer travelling experience in the future?

Join us as we journey through URA’s Long-Term Plan 2022 aim to level up Singapore’s Mobility, with pit stops in Paris and Tokyo to help us map out the potential for Singapore’s transport infrastructure.

PLB Insights 2022 Q2 Report

When taking the next step into private property (or perhaps you’re venturing into it as your first property), the options are nearly endless. There are so many options out there. How should we go about shortlisting our favourite projects. In our latest Insights article, we explore how to get started on shortlisting your favourite spots.