Will we see more foreign investors bulk buying Condos? A look at CanningHill Piers

A recent bulk buying story of a Chinese investor buying 20 units at CanningHill Piers has gone around Singapore’s property news like wildfire. Will we see more of this happening in the near future?

Join us as we uncover more on how this sensational piece of news might be a part of a larger puzzle in the luxury property market.

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Singapore’s Rental Market is on a Streak — Are High Prices Here to Stay?

The rise of rental prices in Singapore has been on a streak. HDB rents are on a 2-year rising streak since the pandemic started and Condo rents are on a 1.5-year rising streak. The unbelievably heated rental market is accompanied by rising housing prices as well – is it here to stay?

Join us as we explore some of the possible reasons why the rental market in Singapore has been on a streak, and the pros & cons of rising rents and compare it with the situation in other cities.

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How would 28 year old Eligibility for HDB affect the Real Estate Market?

The parliamentary session earlier in March stirred up plenty of questions, debates, and opinions on whether the age criteria for single Singaporeans to buy HDBs should be lowered. Every one might have their own stance on this matter and we are not here to set the record straight. This article runs a simple thought experiment on what might potentially happen if the eligibility criteria for age is indeed lowered.

War & Singaporean Real Estate

War is a terrifying affair. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been reminded of newscasts covering the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Social media posts of people closest to the war share their raw emotions of fear over the uncertainty and keep the world on its toes. Our heart goes out to all the lives lost in the conflict and hope for peace to return to the region. In our latest Insights article, we bring up three points on how geopolitical instability in other parts of the world impacts Singapore’s market by learning from history.

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Budget 2022 and its effect on SG’s Real Estate

It’s that time of the year again when Singapore announces their financial plans and makes its yearly revisions to taxes. I think we all know where this is going… Although we consumers are not fans of increases in taxes, we inevitably will have to pay for them. Hence, we should get to familiarise ourselves with the changes in the legislation to prepare our finances for the future better! Check out our article as we explain how the change outlined in Budget 2022 will affect Singapore real estate!

MAS warns of rising debt among Singapore households

  The Market can stay more irrational longer than you can remain liquid View fullsize   Singapore’s resilient property market has stood witness to Singaporeans accumulating a larger wade of debt than it had before the COVID-19 pandemic. We think it is time for home buyers and sellers to meticulously assess their financial ability to …

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Singapore announces new property cooling measures: Higher ABSD rates, tighter loan limits

Expect the unexpected, they always say. But, they did not mention to expect new directives being introduced slightly before midnight on the 15th of December 2021. Perhaps the routine of dropping new directives in an instant on new COVID-19 regulations has become a habit. Most would have been asleep while the news were released, but fret not, we are here to cover the details of how the New Property Cooling Measure may affect you.