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Choosing Your Path in Singapore Property:
BTO vs. Resale HDB

A PropertyLimBrothers Webinar

If you’re in the market for your matrimonial home, surely the main discussion between you and your spouse would involve choosing between a brand new BTO or a Resale HDB flat. It’s more than just a price difference; availability and subsidies also play crucial roles as deciding factors. Additionally, PM Lee’s recent announcement during the National Day Rally introduced a reclassification framework for HDBs. These properties will be categorised as standard, plus, and prime flats, with more estates having longer MOP periods. How would the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ between both flat types determine which home type is best suited for you?

In this webinar, it’s gonna be a little bit different, because Sebastian, Lyndon, Grayce and Joan from PropertyLimBrothers will take sides representing BTO and Resale HDBs, share their experience and debate on this common conundrum faced by Singaporeans, live and in person! They’ll discuss the outweighing factors that could determine your choice between each property type. Does floor size matter? Is your requirement time-sensitive? This debate will be moderated by none other than Melvin Lim, co-founder, and CEO of PropertyLimBrothers! Aspiring homeowners, make sure not to miss this debate because it could be relative to you! So come on down!

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Choosing Your Path in Singapore Property:
BTO vs Resale HDB