Lentor Hill Residences: New Launch Condo Review in the OCR

Lentor is an up and coming residential neighbourhood that is known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere. The latest addition to this community will be Lentor Hill Residences, a new condominium development that offers comfortable living options for the mass market condominium buyers and HDB upgraders.

Located in a strategic location with excellent connectivity to major transportation hubs, Lentor Hill Residences is designed to provide residents with a range of modern amenities and facilities that cater to their needs. The development offers a variety of unit types that are suitable for families of different sizes and lifestyles. In this article, we will cover the details of this new launch and review it to see what benefits it offers to prospective home buyers in 2023. 


A Closer Look at Lentor Hill Residences’ Launch Details

Lentor Hill Residences is located along Lentor Hills Road, part of the larger Ang Mo Kio area. As one of the newer additions to District 26, Lentor Hill Residences is bound to make a huge splash in this neighbourhood. Nestled amidst lush greenery and surrounded by several parks, Lentor Hill Residences offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life. However, with its close proximity to the Lentor MRT station, residents can enjoy easy access to the rest of Singapore through the new Thomson-East Coast Line.

Lentor Hill Residences will be introducing a total of 598 estimated units to this neighbourhood, increasing the supply of the immediate area by approximately 10%. This will be a 99-year leasehold condominium with an expected TOP date in 2027. The Lentor area is one of the new residential estates which is undergoing rapid development. 

With the new Thomson-East Coast Line Station (Lentor Station) servicing the population in this neighbourhood. Last year, Lentor Modern sold over 84% of its units on its launch weekend, and is within 500m of Lentor Hill Residences. If you believe in spillover demand from buyers who want a good unit in this area, Lentor Hill Residences might also be a popular option among home buyers in 2023. 

Based on the condominiums and apartments in the area, we have the following distribution of units of the surrounding condominiums. Note that this is not indicative of the actual unit distribution of Lentor Hill Residences.

Based on the unit distribution in the area, the developers of Lentor Hill Residences might take a strategic approach to their unit distribution. The development is expected to feature a larger number of units that are 3-bedrooms and below, priced at more accessible quantum prices, catering to the market demand for smaller units.

In addition, the developers may also introduce larger units that are 4-bedrooms and above, to cater to the needs of buyers looking for more spacious living options. The unit mix of Lentor Hill Residences is likely to be carefully planned to offer a diverse range of living spaces that will cater to a variety of lifestyles and budgets. With this approach, Lentor Hill Residences can be positioned to be a popular choice for both first-time homebuyers and upgraders that are interested in the Lentor area. The development offers affordable and comfortable living options that are suitable for families of all sizes, making it an attractive option for those looking for a new home in the Lentor area.

As a leasehold property, Lentor Hill Residences offers the potential for appreciation in value for its early owners. This is because the first few owners of the development will be able to enjoy the property in its pristine state, and during the initial decade of stay, as the property matures, its value may appreciate. Historically, leasehold properties have tended to appreciate faster than freehold properties during the early years of their existence. This front-loaded appreciation is due to the limited leasehold period, which creates a sense of urgency among buyers who are keen to secure a property in a prime location.

However, it is important to note that the appreciation of a leasehold property tends to plateau as the leasehold period nears its end. In contrast, freehold properties typically exhibit a higher but more stable average price over the years. With its attractive location and leasehold tenure, Lentor Hill Residences is a sound investment opportunity for those seeking to secure a property in the Lentor area. Its strategic location for growth in a young residential estate, coupled with the potential for appreciation, makes it an attractive option for both homebuyers and investors alike.

While there are a few new launches planned in the immediate area around Lentor Hillock Park, the existing condominiums that are already built in the area are notably much older. We have 2 freehold projects nearby. Thomson Grove (116 units, TOP 1984, freehold) and The Calrose (421 units, TOP 2007, freehold). The other leasehold projects nearby are relatively old as well. Nuovo (297 units, EC TOP 2004, 99-year lease from 2001), Seasons Park (390 units, TOP 1997, 99-year lease from 1995), and Castle Green (664 units, TOP 1997, 99-year lease from 1993).

The introduction of newer condominium developments in the Lentor area is expected to breathe new life into Lentor’s property market. These new launches will not only increase the volume of transactions in the area but also boost the population density of the residential estate. As the estate matures, this increase in population density is likely to create a self-sustaining environment that can support the development of new amenities and retail activities in the neighbourhood. This, in turn, will contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the area, making it an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike.

Based on the current market conditions and expenses incurred by developers, the estimated price range for Lentor Hill Residences is around $2,050 to $2,200 per square foot (psf). This estimate is reasonable, considering the development’s strategic location in close proximity to the Lentor MRT station and the market acceptance of a similar price range in the earlier launch of Lentor Modern. Do note that this is not the indicative price, it is only a price estimate.

It’s worth noting that the actual psf may vary depending on a range of factors, such as unit type, floor level, and orientation. Additionally, market conditions and other factors may impact the final pricing strategy adopted by the developer. Overall, the estimated psf for Lentor Hill Residences represents a fair price point for a well-located, high-quality development in the Lentor area. The development is poised to attract a wide range of buyers, including HDB upgraders and first-time homebuyers, who are looking for an affordable yet comfortable living space in a promising location.

Lentor Hill Residences is conveniently located along Lentor Hills Road, with Lentor MRT station less than 250m away, which is less than a 5-minute walk. Yio Chu Kang MRT station is also easily accessible at around 1.2km away. Additionally, residents will find Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kuan Hospital approximately 600m away from the development. The proximity to such amenities, along with nearby schools such as Anderson Primary, Presbyterian High, Yio Chu Kang Secondary, Anderson-Serangoon Junior College, and Nanyang Polytechnic, makes Lentor Hill Residences an attractive choice for a broad range of HDB upgraders with children at various stages in their education.


Dive into the MOAT Analysis of Lentor Hill Residences

In evaluating the investment potential of Lentor Hill Residences, we turn to PLB’s MOAT Analysis tool. MOAT is a proprietary property analysis tool that takes into account a wide range of data points including market trends, demographics, and property-specific information to provide a comprehensive view of a property’s potential for rental income and appreciation.

Unlike other property analysis tools, MOAT is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to both novice and experienced investors. By leveraging MOAT’s advanced analytical capabilities, investors can better identify opportunities that align with their investment goals and strategies, and make informed decisions with confidence. We believe that MOAT’s unique capabilities make it an invaluable resource for real estate investors looking to build and manage successful portfolios. To learn more about PLB’s MOAT Analysis and how it can help you achieve your investment objectives, you can reach out to us here.

We will be using five nearby condominiums as indicators to how Lentor Hill Residences will perform on 10 different aspects. The five condominiums we chose are based on location, size, and recency. These comparisons for Lentor Hill Residences to tell us more about the attractiveness of the location in terms of price and amenities. 

The five condominium properties we will use are Thomson Grove (116 units, TOP 1984, freehold), The Calrose (421 units, TOP 2007, freehold), Nuovo (297 units, EC TOP 2004, 99-year lease from 2001), Seasons Park (390 units, TOP 1997, 99-year lease from 1995), and Castle Green (664 units, TOP 1997, 99-year lease from 1993).

After careful analysis of the five condominiums, the data suggests that Lentor Hill Residences has an estimated average score of 57.2%. Although this might seem like a lower score compared to other similar properties, it provides valuable insights for potential buyers. Further analysis shows that the lower score is due to a lower regional and district disparity score, as well as low scores in the Parents’ Attraction Effect and Volume Effect categories. However, this doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the property itself, but rather highlights what the profile of Condo in Lentor offers prospective buyers. Overall, it is essential to consider the unique selling points of Lentor Hill Residences and how it fits into the current real estate market.

The actual score of Lentor Hill Residences is expected to be much higher upon launch. In particular, we expect high scores for MRT Effect, Quantum Effect, Volume Effect, and Bala’s Curve Effect. While there might not be a high Exit Audience score due to the young estate, future developments give this area a promising prospect for appreciation. The unique selling point for Lentor Hill Residences will be its close proximity to Lentor MRT and Lentor Hillock Park. The slight elevation of this area will give it a nice view and feel of the larger neighbourhood.

While the Parents’ Attraction Effect stands at an average score of 2.4, there are a wide variety of schools in the area, albeit not primary schools. Nearby schools such as Anderson Primary, Presbyterian High, Yio Chu Kang Secondary, Anderson-Serangoon Junior College, and Nanyang Polytechnic will still be within 2km of the new launch. Another key amenity in the form of greenery that isn’t in the MOAT Analysis is the proximity of Lentor Hill Residences to Thomson Nature Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. Both of which serve as great recreational green and blue spaces.

Overall, the MOAT Analysis does indicate that this new development is slightly more expensive than the region as a whole, predominantly because of the cost-push inflation in the construction and land costs of new projects. Yet, the benefit of being located so close to the MRT station is a huge selling point. The unit distribution is likely to be in the middle to small range, making the final quantum palatable for prospective buyers in 2023. The future plans to develop the Lentor estate also make this location a promising choice for capital appreciation.


The Verdict on the New Launch of Lentor Hill Residences

In this section, we will present our final verdict on Lentor Hill Residences through a comprehensive summary table based on the analysis conducted throughout the article. The USP of this development lies in its central location in the heart of Lentor, catering to the mass market, and its status as a newly launched condominium in a newly created HDB estate

Join the Excitement of the Lentor Hill Residences Preview

In conclusion, Lentor Hill Residences is a promising new development that offers a unique blend of convenience and value for potential buyers and investors. With its central location in the Lentor area and close proximity to various amenities, it is poised to become a sought-after residential estate. From our analysis of the various features and factors that make up a desirable property, we have identified Lentor Hill Residences as a potential winner in terms of its Unique Selling Points (USPs). These include its mass market appeal, newness compared to older condominiums in the area, and its proximity to the Lentor MRT station and other essential amenities.

Moreover, our analysis of the surrounding area suggests that Lentor Hill Residences is situated in an area with high potential for future growth and development. The area is set to benefit from several government initiatives, including the upcoming North-South Corridor, which will provide improved connectivity and accessibility to other parts of Singapore. We also believe that the pricing of Lentor Hill Residences is reasonable and competitive, with a ballpark estimate of $2,050 to $2,200 psf. Given its location, facilities, and potential for appreciation, we think that the development represents good value for money for potential buyers and investors.

If you’re considering a new home or an investment opportunity, we encourage you to explore the possibilities that Lentor Hill Residences has to offer. Our experienced team is always on hand to provide more information, answer any questions you may have, and help you find the perfect unit that fits your needs. At the end of the day, buying a home or making an investment is a big decision, and we want to make the process as stress-free and easy as possible. That’s why we believe that Lentor Hill Residences is an excellent choice for those who value convenience, luxury, and value. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the Lentor Hill Residences community. Contact us today to learn more!

The tentative preview date is on 14 April 2023.
The expected launch date is on 29 April 2023.
Accurate as of 23 February 2023 and is subject to change without prior notice.
Stay tuned for a follow-up article with more detailed information on the launch.

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