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A content series where we feed our audience daily nuggets of information, tips, advice, opinions, facts, know-hows and everything relating to Real Estate and Buying, Selling, Investing in Properties in Singapore.


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It’s the brand new year! In our latest Nuggets on the Go, Melvin explains Volume, transaction, Density and how it affects the valuation and price appreciation of properties. We even have a useful tool when purchasing properties! Check it out at

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Sofa So Good series is a unique setting where we invite subject matter experts to share their insights. From renovation trends to the fine details of conveyancing, we explore the realm surrounding real estate.

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A stronghold stemming from PropertyLimBrothers’s main goal — to change the real estate landscape in Singapore. Real Estate advice are a dime in a dozen, but often with hidden agendas.

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Our Recent Podcast

#3: 3 Trends for New Launch Properties in 2023

2023 is predicted to be the year of new launches, in a bid for developers to clear their GLS land....

12 Mins 38 Secs

Feb 19, 2023

#2: Property Market Crash or Shift Prediction in 2023 (Part 2)

With inflation, China’s reopening and US’ possible recession with the recent Fed pivot, what else can we expect from 2023?...

18 Mins 39 Secs

Feb 12, 2023

#1: Property Market Crash or Shift Prediction in 2023 ? (Part 1)

We’re back with a new season of Nuggets on the Go. In this season’s first episode, Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers...

23 Mins 3 Secs

Jan 22, 2023

Keeping it cool with the latest Cooling Measures + Upcoming trends | Melvin Lim | NOTG Ep26

2022 has been and continues to be an unpredictable year. With the latest round of cooling measures just introduced, new...

1 hr 16 Mins

Nov 20, 2022

#25 PLB Q2 Report! Cryptocurrency Versus Real Estate? | PropertyLimBrothers | Melvin Lim | NOTG E25

In this episode of Nuggets On The Go, Melvin Lim from PropertyLimBrothers talks about the release of our Q2 report...

10 min

Sep 22, 2022

#24 En Bloc Fever is Back? Will New Launch Pricing Continue to Rise? | Nuggets On The Go E24 | Melvin

As we cross the second half of 2022, our government has unveiled several new GLS sites, that will lead to...

14min 21sec

Jul 3, 2022