As times have changed, so has the way we market our properties. These days, taking pictures of a property and posting them on real estate portals and social media platforms is not enough to sell your property. Because of this age of technology, we are fed with so much interesting content that it is important to adapt and improve our marketing style so as to stay relevant and exciting for our clients. This is why PropertyLimBrothers puts in so much effort into our Signature Video Home Tours and Signature Marketing Plan. We love staying ahead of digital marketing trends and wish to continue revolutionising the real estate industry with our creative marketing campaigns.


For this property at H2O Residences, the seller previously engaged a few brokers to market the unit. Unfortunately, the unit received very few viewings. This was mainly because the property was tenanted and only pictures were used to market the unit. And like we mentioned earlier, pictures alone aren’t enough to tell a story these days. Our clients eventually requested for PropertyLimBrothers to take over and find the right buyer for their place. And as always, we were more than happy to help. After looking at the place and analysing the potential of the property, PropertyLimBrothers, Melvin Lim and Listings Manager Kevin took on the job for the seller and designed a full creative marketing campaign that highlighted the plus points of the property.

Read on to find out how PropertyLimBrothers managed to achieve this successful sale for our very happy clients.

Firstly, we requested for the unit to undergo Full accessories and Furniture Staging to dress up the place as the previous tenant had already moved out and the unit was now bare. Bare units make it very hard for clients to visualise the full potential and use of the property. This is why we suggested staging to our sellers as we knew that this would help to showcase the good liveability and benefits of the property in the best way possible. Also, when it came to house viewing, potential buyers were able to imagine themselves living in the property more easily as the home was fully-prepped.


Before Staging

After Staging


Next we performed our Signature Video Home Tour. The tour worked hand in hand with the staging to show the best aspects of the home. Through the video, our viewers were able to see the functional living space and views from the apartment. We also took the time to inform them about the nearby amenities, schools and the property’s great accessibility to nearby MRTs and expressways. By providing potential buyers with as much information as possible and keeping it interesting in our video shoot, we were able to bring in home viewings for our clients.



We managed to get viewings and sold the property in under 1.5 months! Our clients were fully satisfied and happy with our work.

Tips from this Success Story:

Staging can be very effective in helping potential buyers visualise the full potential of your property, especially when the unit is bare. Our team at PropertyLimBrothers is more than happy to work one on one with our clients to ensure that this process is carried out as smoothly and seamlessly as possible so as to achieve a successful sale for our clients.

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