Not one but TWO Pinnacle@Duxton Residences were sold with PropertyLimBrothers Signature Marketing Plan which definitely includes our Signature Video Home Tours. The first 4-Room property(CBD Facing) was sold after 7 DAYS of launch. while the second 4-Room property(Cantonment facing) was sold in just 2 WEEKS. These 2 HDB properties are both unique and located at one of the most prime areas in Singapore. Let us walk you through how we designed the marketing campaign to enable a seamless and successful sale in under a month for our clients.

HOW DID WE DO IT: Pinnacle@Duxton Success Story 1 - CBD Facing Unit

Pinnacle has a rich story, and if this was not illustrated, the feel and impression of the whole development won't be able to shown and felt by potential buyers. Thus, Melvin designed a storyboard with the scene starting at the linked garden terrace to share on the history of the plot of land that pinnacle is sitting on, with a fun and interesting way to intro Pinnacle to our audience.  

Our sellers were super cooperative and partner with PropertyLimBrothers to effectively declutter and thus allow the video home tour shoot to be effective and successful to illustrate all the plus points and renovation pumped into the home, especially the open kitchen with L shaped island top.


Through the Signature Video Home Tour were able to clearly bring out every single advantage of the unit which allowed buyers to visualise areas of the home very easily. Elements like the open-concept kitchen and island countertop were captured nicely via video, which is something pictures alone can’t do. The video home tour also showed how well-maintained the unit was, which proved to buyers that they could move in right away and save on potential renovation costs.

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Our clients received 2 offer during the first week alone and the unit was sold for $962,888 within 7 days of our Signature Home Video Tour launch.


Tips from this Success Story:

A well planned and thought out Signature home tour illustrates and weave all the pluses into the content. And using the content, on our social media platforms... It brought about the desired results. And yes, the eventual buyer was happy that they found their dream home. Our sellers were pleased as well because we were helping our clients to upgrade to their private property. Win win for both.


HOW DID WE DO IT: Pinnacle@Duxton Success Story 2 - Cantonment Facing

For the next CBD facing 4room unit, this was a unit with beautiful views, unblocked, having partial sea facing of the ports as well. Unit has lovely country style theme and furnitures. PropertyLimBrothers staging consult team brought in accessories to stage up the place in order to create the open house effect.


Through our Signature Video Home Tour, they were able to bring out the special features of the unit in an interactive and fun way by using wide-angle camera shots. They also designed specific and targeted Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads. To add to this, open house campaigns were strategically carried out; which helped to attract more than 10 groups of buyers in 2 weeks.

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When it comes to selling real estate, your property could be on the market for months to even a year before it is sold. This can be quite demoralising for sellers and may even cause you to question the likability of your home/property. But in reality, there could be other possible reasons as to why your property isn’t selling that easily. This is why having a property sales team with the right marketing skills to back you can be of great assistance. So if you’re looking to sell your property, feel free to get in touch with us and our Inside Sales Team will be happy to work one on one with you too.


Tips from this Success Story

Having a team of marketing professionals behind you is crucial in this day and age when technology is on the rise and real estate selling has been revamped. To stay ahead of the game, PropertyLimBrothers places great emphasis on keeping our marketing styles creative so as to stand out from the rest. Because at the end of the day, we only want what’s best for our clients.