Tenet EC – Luxury Living in Prime Tampines: Last New Launch EC of 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, Tenet EC will wrap up the year’s exciting lineup of new launch condominiums. It is the third and final new launch executive condominium (EC) this year, following the launch of North Gaia and Copen Grand

Tenet EC will be located in Tampines North, a new sub-district of prime Tampines that is extremely popular with homebuyers, given the abundance of amenities in the area and its proximity to Changi. It will be the only EC launch in the eastern region this year. Coupled with the limited supply of ECs in Singapore and a subsidised entry price into private development, Tenet will likely enjoy the same success as Copen Grand, which saw 73% of its units sold on launch day.

In this article, we will highlight the best features of the development and our best picks for each type of unit available. If you are considering a unit in Tenet EC from their available 3-Bedroom to 5-Bedroom units, read on to find out more.

Location Analysis

Tenet EC will be the first private development in Tampines North, with most of the area still undergoing developments. It is surrounded by BTO projects to its west and south, with a future EC site that can yield up to 700 units beside it. This means that future residents would likely have to deal with the construction of the EC, but most of the BTO projects should be completed by then.

As part of the vast Tampines residential cluster, Tenet will attract many easties looking to live near their parents and extended family in the same estate. Under URA’s Masterplan, two primary and two secondary schools and a community centre in Tampines North are in the pipeline. This is excellent news for young couples considering starting a family in the long term.

Although ECs are not traditionally located close to an MRT station, Tenet EC will be serviced by the upcoming Tampines North MRT Station, which will be a 5-minute walk away. Tampines North MRT will be part of the Phase 1 opening of the Cross Island Line (CRL), slated to be completed in 2030. Phase 1 of CRL will connect residents from Tampines North to the northeastern and central regions of Singapore, with stations in Punggol, Hougang, Serangoon North, and Ang Mo Kio in the shorter term. In the longer term, the CRL will be the longest MRT line to service the eastern to western areas.

There will also be a private development, a mixed-use GLS site, in the area. Located along Tampines Ave 11, the upcoming development will be part of the Tampines North Hub. It will have commercial facilities, a bus interchange, and likely a shopping mall integrated with Tampines North MRT station. 

However, the drawback is that while the estimated TOP for Tenet is in 2026, the CRL and mixed-use development will only be ready at least four years later. This means that residents will have to make do with small travelling times, relying on other amenities like Tampines Hub in Central Tampines while the immediate vicinity is being developed. On the bright side, the Tampines Expressway (TPE) is a short 3-minute drive away, and Tenet will be nearing its MOP by the time these amenities are completed, which will boost the quantum of the units here on the resale market.


Site Plan Analysis

The site of Tenet EC will have a long linear profile with two rows of residential blocks, ensuring that most units get either a pool view or a landscape view. The project will have 11 blocks with 15 storeys each, all having a northeast/southwest facing with a point block design. This means there will only be four units per core, maximising residents’ privacy. The relatively low blocks are typical of properties in the eastern side of Singapore due to the proximity of Changi Airport.

The developers have annotated on paper that there will be 49 facility offerings available. The facilities are divided into three tiers – Energetic/Entertainment, Resident Breakout Zones, and Quiet/Contemplative. The first tier has a tennis court, BBQ pavilions, entertainment and multi-purpose rooms, and an infinity pool. A 50m lap pool, gym, communal pavilions, and library can be found in the second tier. The third and last tier includes facilities like the meditation retreat and a reflexology trail. With the lack of amenities in the area, at least for the first few years after TOP, these facilities should provide much-needed recreational options for residents to enjoy.

In terms of site levels, the blocks facing TPE (blocks 71 to 79) have units starting from the 5th storey, which is much higher than the expressway. This gives the units an unblocked view over the expressway. Tenet has done an excellent job turning its weakness into a strength – the 66m Infinity Pool facing the expressway is undoubtedly the main attraction, distracting from the road noise that usually presents as an obstacle for potential buyers. On the opposite side of the project, the first-storey landscape and residential blocks are also higher than the street level, which gives low-floor units an elevated view.

Tenet is served by direct access from the cul-de-sac to the drop-off point and three access gates – one at the main entrance and two at the project’s south, connecting to the future bus stop and pedestrian crossing. Condos typically have basement carparks, but Tenet will have both a basement carpark and a multi-storey carpark (MSCP). The basement carpark is accessible directly from all blocks, while the MSCP (levels 1 to 3) can be accessed via blocks 71, 73, 75, 77, and 79. There will be 618 parking lots with six electric charging lots for EVs. The bin centre, substation, and bicycle parking will also be at the basement level.

Overall, the site planning is thoughtfully designed and will provide future residents with a luxurious living experience.


Unit Distribution

Tenet EC will have 11 Blocks spanning 15 Storeys, each offering 618 units in total. With the increased demand for larger-sized units in recent years, Tenet will only be offering 3-Bedroom to 5-Bedroom types, with 3-Bedroom types making up 59% of the unit offerings (363 units). 34% of the units are 4-Bedroom types, and the remaining 7% are 5-Bedroom types. This makes it evident that Tenet EC is targeted towards the family profile of buyers. 

As mentioned previously, there will be four units per level, but there are some exceptions. 

For Block 71, the 1st and 2nd storeys will only have one unit per level, the 3rd and 4th storeys will have two units per level, and the rest will have four units per level. For Blocks 73 to 79, the 1st to 4th storeys will have two units per level, and the rest will have four units per level. And lastly, for Blocks 81 to 91, all storeys will have four units per level.

Generally, the distribution of units is relatively even, except 5-Bedroom types, which will only be available at some blocks. 

Floor Plan Analysis – 3 Bedroom

By now, you might have realised that most of Tenet’s unit offerings feature a Study. The dedicated Study area is a unique feature of the layouts here – a space you can easily convert into additional storage. 

The 3-Bedroom layout comes in two variations – the 3-Bedroom Deluxe and 3-Bedroom Premium. Type C1a is the smallest unit offering of the project, with a floor area of 893 sqft and an efficient layout. The household shelter is cleverly tucked in one corner next to the yard, giving owners more flexibility for renovations. Some variations also feature an additional WC next to the yard area, which you can remove to expand the yard.

The 3-Bedroom Premium layouts have more or less the same orientation, with a decent-sized balcony that you can turn into an al fresco dining area. The Study in the C3 layout has the additional perk of having windows that allow natural light to brighten the space.

Although the different variations have very similar layouts, we particularly favour the Type C2b units because it has the highest number of units across all 3-Bedroom types (103 units). This will likely translate to an easier exit strategy, given the likelihood of a higher volume of transactions for this unit type. Most C2b stacks overlook Tampines Street 62, with a southwest facing. Since the C2b layout offers a balcony, we would pick Stack 26, which overlooks the 50m lap pool.

However, if you prefer the view of Tenet’s main attraction, the 66m Infinity Pool, you should go for the C2a units in Stacks 09, 13, and 14. However, these stacks do not have a balcony, and you might be sacrificing some privacy since many residents (and visitors) will be coming to these blocks to access the pool.

Floor Plan Analysis – 4 Bedroom

There’s a decent number of 4-Bedroom units here, accounting for 210 units or around 35% of the total units available. Most of the 4-Bedders will not come with an extra Study that is signature to the units here. These 4-Bedroom Deluxe units make up 71% (150 units) of the 4-Bedroom types and are about 270 sqft smaller than the variations with the Study. Another significant difference is the larger balcony, living/dining areas, and the bigger common bedroom. 

Although there are more D1 variations than D2 and D3, the D3 variation would be our pick mainly because of the larger living/dining area and rooms and the huge balcony that spans the length of the living/dining plus one of the common bedrooms. In the post-pandemic era, where demand for larger-sized flats has increased tremendously, the generously spaced rooms offer an extremely customisable space to live in. Furthermore, this layout is available only at four of Tenet’s eleven blocks. The rarity of these 4-Bedder units would likely provide a good exit strategy down the road.

Since all 4-Bedroom types are inward-facing, we favoured Stack 19 as it is the only stack that directly overlooks the pool. The large balcony and pool view make for a perfect combination for those who enjoy having a semi-outdoor space to relax in. There’s also the option of installing Ziptrak blinds to turn the balcony into an outdoor or indoor space whenever you feel like it.

Floor Plan Analysis – 5 Bedroom

Accounting for just 7% of the 618 units available, the 5-Bedders here will only be found in three inward-facing stacks. It is the largest unit size available in Tenet EC and comes in two variations, Type E1a and E1b. 

Both variations come with an allocated space for a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a bonus for buyers interested in having one. The bedrooms are clustered on one side of the flat, with the Junior Master right next to the master bedroom. Similar to our review of Copen Grand’s 5-Bedders, our only gripe with the 5-Bedroom layouts is that there is no option to have the Junior Master isolated on one side of the unit for extra privacy if staying with parents. 

Overall, in terms of the differences between the two variations available, aside from the orientation of the layout and a slightly larger living/dining area and household shelter, they are virtually the same. Type E1b units are a mere 11 sqft bigger than Type E1a ones, which is no significant difference. This means that it comes down to the preference of facing. Our pick would be the Type E1b units in Stack 12, located deeper into the estate and further away from the roads, with the bonus of a pool view.


Closing Comments

Although Tampines is a densely populated mature estate, most parts of Tampines North are still undergoing developments, and amenities in the immediate vicinity will not be plentiful even after TOP. 

However, the first-mover advantage will still be key here as the completion of Tampines North MRT in 2030 will put Tenet EC a short 5-minute walk away from an MRT station – a rarity for ECs in Singapore. Future residents will have to make do with existing bus services operating out of Tampines North Bus Interchange, slated to begin operations on 27 November 2022, and amenities from other parts of Tampines.

As we mentioned earlier, Tampines is a very popular estate. Furthermore, the Sky Deck and Infinity Pool feature, together with the rest of the luxurious facade of Tenet EC, will undoubtedly draw high interest. If you are anticipating the first EC launch in Tampines North and would like a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact us or reach out to our Inside Sales Team members via their socials.