Should I Sell One Property and Buy Two?

“Sell one buy two” – is this another marketing gimmick or is this a wealth building strategy? Is this strategy viable for you and your family? Proper mid to long term financial assessment and planning is necessary in order not to over burden one self.

How Does Your Age Have A Growing Effect On Your Loan Eligibility?

Four important factors you should understand before you decide to put your money into your first and subsequent property investments: (i) The current property market scene in Singapore. (ii) Your Loan eligibility. (iii) Factors that might affect your investment decision. (iv) Factors to note to maintain this mid- to long-term property investment.

Which is Better – Resale Condo or New Launch?

If you own an HDB property now and are considering to upgrade to a private property, you probably would be asking yourself this question: which option is better – Resale or New Launch? Let’s weigh out each option and figure out which option is better for you.