Don’t fret about the RES exams!

Those taking the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exams come from all walks of life, from homemakers to mid-career transitioners to fresh graduates.

Don’t fret about the RES exams!

You probably would have heard horror stories of people failing this exam after tendering their resignation letters to their former companies and the like – we know because we have heard most of them. Here at PropertyLimBrothers, all of our sales team had to go through that same ordeal but they all came out stronger and are now part of our family.

We understand how these exams may be daunting for some, which gives rise to our new programme – HomeSKOOL by PLB.

We equip future exam takers with expert insider tips and tricks and proven methods on how to score for your RES exams, while having a community of like-minded peers to study and engage with.

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Introducing Our Best Advisors

If you’re still in the dark and would like to get some help for your exams, do contact us HERE. It’s completely free, with no hidden fees.

The catch? There’s none! Our aim is to value-add to our next generation of realtors.