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  • Government bumps up supply of private homes for full-year 2023 to highest in a decade
  • Orchard Road, Zion Road sites among 8 state land plots to be offered in H2 for private housing
  • Charming Garden makes third and final bid at collective sale with same S$175 million guide price
  • When new condo units are pricier than older ones by over 70 per cent
  • New private home sales up 17% in May from April, on the back of a doubling in launches

Ramzi Razak

CEA Reg. No: R066393E / L3010958I

Associate Listing Manager

Compassionate by nature, Ramzi is driven by his belief in helping others with sincerity and integrity. A hardworking yet down-to-earth individual, his strong work ethics coupled with his ability to truly listen to what clients need allows Ramzi to connect them seamlessly to the property sphere. Ramzi aims to share his knowledge and insights to value-add to others, building meaningful relationships and enriching his clients’ real estate journeys.

Testimonies for Ramzi Razak

  • Perio prober
    Google Review

    Thank you Wayne and Ramzi for the professional service so far! They have been prompt and courteous in the entire process and managed to sell my property within the first month of listing! Thank you so much to PLB and team!

  • Shahidah M Said
    Google Review

    Engaging PLB, with special credits to Beng Yew and Ramzi, was one of the best decisions my family and I had made when it comes to selling our house! Despite being young and new in this industry, they are both professional and knowledgeable in this sales process. But most importantly, they are really sincere in helping us pitch the right price for the house, and even assist us all the way to finding the next house for us! Thank you, Beng n Ramzi for the wonderful service and stress-free experience. Would highly recommend these 2, for sure! 👍🏼

  • Sebastian Goh Zhenyang
    Google Review

    Shawn and Ramzi from PLB go above and beyond what I expected property agents to do. They take great pride in what they do and consistently help clarify any property questions that we have regardless whether its BTO, Resale or Rental (understanding of Tenancy Agreement). Never in the journey have we regretted using their services and if you are looking for someone to service your property needs, you should give them a ring. :)

  • Sharil
    Google Review

    Cheryl, Ramzi from PLB were excellent property agents.. They made the process of selling our HDB quite pleasant, and efficient (sold in one viewing). Due to how PLB operates, when you engage them, its not just the agents.. there is an entire team working together seeling the property doing their media,marketing, etc.. Granted they charge more (*note they have the industry norm package). You pay for the quality and presence they have in the property market sector. Thank you for selling our house and all the best to PLB..

  • Joycelyn Lee
    Google Review

    It was our second time dealing with PLB. This time round we were attended by Razmi & Sebastian. They are both confident & knowledgeable with great chemistry & team work. They have manage to identify the right buyer & seal the deal at our targeted price in just 12 Days, before they even manage to launch their signature home tour that we opt for. You guys are impressive, keep up the good work.

  • Amanda Lau
    Google Review

    It’s not many times in one’s life to be able to buy/ sell properties. Our first agent didn’t manage to sell our house and our next natural choice is to go straight to PLB as we have always been big fans of their home video tours. While we are happy and excited to choose PLB as our exclusive agency , we did not have a say in our choice of agents. We are VERY THANKFUL and VERY HAPPY to have met and been served by both Ramzi and Christina! Hey Ramzi and Christina, both of you are truly amazing and hardworking, and more importantly, a very good combination pair to help us seal the deal on the sale of our beloved home. Your great efforts and service are highly commendable! We love your systematic approach in tracking each of the viewings and in analyzing next steps, always putting our interests as priority. It has been a wonderful journey and experience working with the both of you. Kudos guys! Rating: 11/10 and we will definitely recommend PLB! ❤️

  • Juay Hong
    Facebook Review

    PLB is well known for using new media tools to sell property but that isn't their only strength. One thing that stands out and why one should consider getting them for your buying or selling of properties is that they come in a team (of 2 primary agents and loads of backend support). I had a wonderful experience working with Shawn, Beng Yew and Ramzi from PLB. They talked to us, they assured us throughout the journey, they had someone to produce videos backend, and one common bugbear is that an agent normally will try to get you to work around both their busy schedules and that of the agent on the other side - this didn't happen to us since we had 2 primary agents (Shawn and Beng Yew) and if one person was not available, the other one could make it. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

  • Shirley Teo
    Facebook Review

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to both Ramzi and Jesslin for helping to sell my unit. From planning, video conceptualisation and sale, they offered nothing short of excellence, addressing the tiniest of details and offering solutions. To be real, I was initially hesitant to use them but you really get what you pay for. Highly recommended !

  • Eugene Tan
    Google Review

    Informative, Attention to details, No hard sell. I recently had the pleasure of working with Ramzi Razak and Joan Loh from PropertyLimBrothers during my quest to find the perfect property. The experience was nothing short of exceptional, thanks to their unparalleled expertise and dedication. Ramzi Razak's in-depth knowledge of the real estate landscape was immediately apparent. He took the time to understand my preferences and financial constraints, and before every viewing he provides us with relevant information pertaining to the unit such as bank valuation, last rejected offer. His attention to detail and ability to navigate complex situations were truly impressive. Joan Loh's insights into property trends and investment potential added immense value to my decision-making process. Her ability to assess properties from an investment perspective gave me confidence in my choices. Her commitment to ensuring I found the right property was truly remarkable. The synergy between Ramzi and Joan was evident in their seamless collaboration. Their communication was transparent and timely, and they complemented each other's strengths perfectly. Whenever I had questions or concerns, they were quick to address them, making me feel supported throughout the journey. They were always on time for viewings and would patiently show us around the development. Negotiations were handled masterfully by Ramzi and Joan. Their combined negotiation skills led to a deal that exceeded my expectations. They also meticulously handled all the necessary paperwork, making the process efficient and stress-free. In the end, it was thanks to the efforts of Ramzi Razak and Joan Loh from PropertyLimBrothers that we found our dream property. Their professionalism, dedication, and genuine care for their clients set them apart as remarkable property agents. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a smooth and successful property search.

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      Listing Date: September 5, 2023
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      Listing Date: April 28, 2023
      Sold Date: July 1, 2023

    Sold In 2 Months

      Listing Date: March 24, 2023
      Sold Date: April 19, 2023

    Sold In 26 Days

      Listing Date: December 6, 2022
      Sold Date: December 23, 2022

    Sold In 17 Days

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