The PLB Dream Team

We’re a safe haven where best-in-class colleagues push towards the same goal, together. Much like a professional sports team, it’s a place for continuous growth, to deliver exceptional service to our beloved clients.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were
working for the Lord and not for the men"

The Bible, Colossians 3:23





A safe place

Together, we challenge to be the best versions of ourselves, while constantly exceeding expectations. Here, we believe that “people are more important than things”, echoed throughout handling every situation.

PLB’s Pure Talent

Ideas. Trendsetters. We spearhead the industry with a strong supportive culture, through empathy and honesty; building relationships within and outward There are a great many values that we hold dearly, which will grow as we do.


Check out our Glassdoor reviews to see what our people are saying.

Very friendly company culture, easy to adapt to the environment as most staff are in their 20s.

Customer Experience Team Intern January 2024

" Learn alot about properties despite job scope focusing on data entry. Learn more about how to give good customer experience. Meet a lot of welcoming and friendly people. "

Customer Experience Intern December 2023

" PropertyLimBrothers has been a truly rewarding experience. The team's warm welcome and commitment to personal growth create an inspiring work culture. Achieving work-life balance here is a highlight, enabling effective task management while enjoying personal time. In short, PropertyLimBrothers offers exceptional support, growth, and work-life balance. Thrilled to be part of this outstanding team! "

Tech Intern August 2023

" √ People matter more than things/ money here √ We work like a family rather than just colleagues √ There is a system in place to ensure everyone grow together and no one falls behind. "

Real Estate Agent November 2022

Fantastic work culture and Environment. People are nice, very supportive of career growth and progression. Fantastic work-life Balance. Free Starbucks Coffee. Trusted with Projects to get a hands on opportunity to learn and contribute. Fantastic Supervisor, provides fantastic guidance and constructive feedback. Amelia and Joan has been very patience in mentoring me which boosted my confidence to overcome challenges.

Customer Service Representative Intern August 2023

My first time leaving a corporate feedback. PLB work culture is very unique and different. People here are highly motivated at work, cares for each others’ success. I enjoy my time here very much as work feels fun and purposeful. I am empowered and trusted to run projects that brought so much value to the company. This is important to me. Thanks to my direct supervisor for the mentorship and opportunities, he is always patient to share with me the rationale of the tasks and how it will impact the overall business. Also the care and guidance given, deeply touched by the gesture of him getting medications and vitamins for me when I was not well. Will never forget the regular afternoon tea breaks, bbt and delicious rice balls to boost our morale.

Research Analyst August 2022

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Video Editor


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3D Artist

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