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Creative Agency

We are seeking a talented and creative individual to fill the role of Video Editor.

This role requires a passion for storytelling through visual media, with responsibilities that cover both capturing high-quality video footage and editing content to create compelling and effective videos. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of post-production editing, and the skills to craft engaging content that aligns with our brand’s message and goals.

What will I be doing?

Key Responsibilities:

Video Editing:

  1. Organize, and Edit Captured Footage: Your role involves reviewing raw footage, organizing it logically, and editing it to create cohesive and compelling narratives. This includes selecting the best shots, trimming unnecessary content, and arranging sequences to tell a story effectively.
  2. Edit Footage and Incorporate Visual Elements: You will be responsible for editing footage, incorporating special effects, transitions, text overlays, and other visual elements to enhance the overall production quality.
  3. Color Correction and Grading: You should possess skills in color correction and grading to ensure consistency and enhance visual appeal. This involves adjusting the color balance, brightness, contrast, and saturation of footage to achieve a desired look and mood.
  4. Collaborate with Stakeholders: Effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders, including clients, directors, and other team members, are crucial. You should be open to feedback and revisions, incorporating them into the final product to meet the project’s objectives and expectations.


Post-production and Distribution:

  1. Render and Export Videos: Your responsibilities include rendering and exporting videos in various formats suitable for multiple platforms. This includes formats optimized for social media platforms, websites, presentations, and other distribution channels.
  2. Manage Video Library and Archive Footage: Organizing and maintaining a video library is essential for efficient workflow and future reference. You should manage and archive footage systematically, making it easily accessible for future projects or revisions.
  3. Stay Updated with Latest Trends: Keeping abreast of the latest trends and advancements in video production and editing techniques is essential. You should continuously seek out opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement to remain competitive in the industry.

What is required of me?

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