Frequently Asked Questions


The Seller's Consultation session is free-of-charge and non-obligatory. We usually start off the process through a consult session.

Usually, the first consult session preferably will be at the property itself so that during the discussion, our consult team can have an assessment after seeing the property and plan for the marketing angle should we be appointed. After the first meetup session, our consult team will send over a Customized Listings Marketing Plan.

You can then decide whether to come onboard to engage PLB team after vetting through the proposed plan.

Our fees range between 2-2.5% for Landed Properties and 2-3% for Condos and Apartments/HDB based on the intensity and marketing cost and resources of the marketing campaign (Home staging, Production, Social Media costs).

All marketing costs are part of the commission fees payable in the event of a successful sale, our clients only pay 1 fee.

We will design and recommend 3 campaign packages with different fee rates for you to select from based on the level of marketing suitable for your property, after the meet-up via a marketing plan.

You can then decide if you are happy to onboard with our team.

Most importantly, we are confident that with our marketing plan and campaign, in the event that we take up the project, we are able to help our clients net more at the end after our fees, compared to the traditional passive approach by most brokers where photos are just listed on property portals alone.

All listings handled by PropertyLimBrothers are on an exclusive arrangement and appointment basis for the past many years. The beautiful home tours that you see frequently on our PLB Youtube channels are exclusive homes that home sellers have appointed PLB to market and position for our clients. The reason why home sellers continue to trust PLB is that PLB takes the aggressive marketing and collective effort by our entire team for each property we represent as a heavy upfront investment and a business risk, effectively to find the right buyer for our clients, and to attract massive attention through our platforms to their listings. Thus creating a high possibility of result to find the right buyer.

PLB Team co-brokes with all external salespersons from every agency in Singapore if they have a buyer that is interested in any of our client’s listings. PLB values transparency, industry professionalism, and integrity when it comes to ensuring our client’s listings get the maximum level of exposure be it from direct buyers or buyers with salespersons representing them. In fact, a large number of PLB’s closed deals are performed with our co-broking partners.

The rationale for an exclusive appointment is that PLB commits to every project it undertakes for our clients. And the huge upfront investment of not just our expertise, team effort, backend media, and marketing production, home staging cost investment, and marketing cost investment into social media ads spend will mean that it will only be viable for us to operate and continue to function well through a mutually committed appointment by our clients.

The duration of the exclusive period depends on factors such as current occupancy status or the time frame required to find the right potential buyer for the unit.

In most cases, the exclusive period runs for 1+3 months — 1 month for the initial Marketing Preparation Phase, and 3 months for the full-on Marketing Campaign.

Every 1 to 1.5 months, the PLB team will do a review with our clients to assess the current response and feedback from potential buyers.

We are happy to mutually extend the exclusive period for another 3 months at no extra cost to our sellers, to continue marketing their property at its fullest potential should both PLB and our clients decided to continue the extension of the exclusive period.

We usually require a 3 to 4-week buffer for the entire Marketing Preparation Phase. This includes paint touch-ups, decluttering, home-staging, virtual mapping, photography, PLB Signature Home Tour media shoot, post-production of the video, and other forms of coordination to launch the property.

1st phase of marketing will be ready in 3 working days’ time as we launch all photos on property portals first while we phase the rest of the marketing campaign launch by phases.

It usually takes about 14 to 21 working days from the shoot date, to when the Video & Social media ads go "LIVE".

Upon our site visit to your home, you will receive a Staging Proposal from our Staging consultants.

All staging costs are part of our PLB Marketing package. Only in unique situations whereby sellers need bespoke arrangements, do we have bespoke arrangements for cost bearing with our clients.

We have proven track records that 8 out of 10 properties that we represent for our property sellers are sold within 3 months.

We advise our clients not to launch any properties in the marketplace hastily, all properties are unique and need a proper positioning and crafting of the marketing and content angle before launch.

Proper preparation work which includes, Home Staging, Decluttering, and the creation of a compelling Home Tour content using PLB Signature Video Home Tour is necessary to create a content that can create thousands and hundreds of thousands of viewership online and on social media where buyer audiences can be instantly targeted to view the home without the need of competing purely using a passive approach on property portals.

Purely dependent on 1 form of marketing alone, say only using photos on portals will result in limitations and less interest and traction as it would mean that we will be just like many of the other listings in the market with no real "active" social media reach to potential buyers.

Various marketing campaign strategies and options can be explored when we visit your property. It will help us understand what we are working with and how we can value-add to the entire Marketing Campaign to achieve the best target price possible.

As long as a type of marketing can work for our clients, we adopt them through an omnipresent marketing approach.


Our Buyer Agent Fee for Resale HDB is at 1% + GST, with the following professional services taken into account — Research, preference and fact-finding, sourcing, and selection of suitable properties in the entire marketplace. Viewing arrangements, negotiations, paperwork, and relevant applications with HDB or financial institutions for In-Principal loan approval and mortgage loan coordination as well as guidance throughout the entire buying process until the takeover of the property.

For the purchase of a resale private property, there is no commission payable by buyers, otherwise known as the “co-broking” fee.

It is usually split between the agents from the buyer’s and seller’s sides. This is paid by the developer if it is a new launch development. Appointment of the PLB team to represent our clients for purchasing and investing in a property is on an exclusive basis as we will allocate expertise and resources from our Research and Buyer’s Consult team who assist our clients in the complete process of their home until they successfully secure their next home.

Most importantly, PLB Buyer consult team adopts analysis and data strategies with our proprietary PLB MOAT ANALYSIS tool as well as our financial metrics tools to help clients select a property based on investment objectives and preferences, seeking a fine balance yet placing investment and exit priorities in place.

The following professional services are also included — Research, preference and fact-finding, sourcing, and selection of suitable properties in the entire marketplace.

Viewing arrangements, negotiations, paperwork, and relevant applications with HDB or financial institutions for In-Principal loan approval and mortgage loan coordination as well as guidance throughout the entire buying process until the takeover of the property.


Yes, PropertyLimBrothers has a specialized team that assists our landlord clients to source a potential tenant for their property.

Our commission fee is a 1-months rental rate for 1 or 2 years of tenancy.

Service includes detailed advice on prep work for the property as a Landlord, handling the entire marketing process, viewings, showing of tenants, detailed inventory list prep, and handing over of the property.