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Who We Are

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is a visionary Real Estate brand poised at the intersection of real estate, media, and proptech, driving a new era of property marketing and sales. We stand distinctively apart from traditional real estate agencies by leveraging our robust media capabilities and widespread social media presence, particularly on our PropertyLimBrothers YouTube Channel. Our unique selling proposition lies in our innovative approach to property marketing, where we employ video home tour content to offer potential buyers an immersive experience, thus securing maximum marketing exposure for our property sellers.
Our dynamic realtors work in pairs to manage each property listing, providing a comprehensive service to each client. Backed by our dedicated in-house customer care, digital marketing, and video media teams, our realtors take the concept of teamwork to a new level in real estate consultancy. Beyond selling, our realtors serve as trusted consultants to home buyers and investors, armed with profound market insights gleaned from our expert research team.

Propelling our brand forward is our proptech arm, devoted to developing proprietary tech tools designed to bolster our analytics and research capabilities. This fosters an environment where our realtors can consistently deliver added value to our clients. Further, these data-driven insights fuel our media arm’s content creation for our various channels and podcast episodes.

Our cutting-edge proptech arm is currently perfecting an all-inclusive tech system, Alana, which integrates our in-house media, sales, research, and tech capabilities. This innovative system is designed to streamline and enhance the customer journey, making the process of buying and selling homes effortlessly seamless.

With PropertyLimBrothers, the future of real estate is here – a future where tech-powered service meets deep-seated industry knowledge, and where every customer enjoys a uniquely personalized, engaging, and satisfying experience.