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The Why

How property marketing should be

At PropertyLimBrothers, we hold a strong belief that videos are the quintessential marketing touchpoint; a storytelling medium poised to inform, entertain and propagate. We’ve spearheaded the Home Tour concept for properties in Singapore and Southeast Asia since 2016, changing the property landscape for the betterment of clients.

Our Signature Home Tour videos make use of future forward technology and an experienced eye for detail to provide a holistic and comprehensive view of a property. We invite the audience to visualise themselves actually living in the space, helping them explore its true potential, and the possibilities to transform it into their dream home.

The Prep

Before taking a single shot

Research and Strategising

Every property is unique. We study each home intently to identify all the key features and characteristics — whether they are selling points or potential deterrents. This then allows us to strategise how to present the home in its best light. Sometimes, a plus point of the home stands out so much it simply has to be emphasised. Other times, workarounds or solutions need to be suggested to address potentially less appealing elements.

PLB Concierge Service

Our Staging Team will masterfully assess what subtle touches can be made to enhance the property’s potential. It could be about removing clutter to embolden a space, or it could be just a new lick of paint. Finally, employing home staging can often be crucial to create different attractive living spaces for the convenience of buyers.

The Secret Sauce

PropertyLimBrothers' secret sauce

Every Irreplaceable Ingredient

Each Signature Home Tour is meticulously planned and professionally prepared to maximise both the factual and emotional appeal of the project. As we like to say, a good home tour showcases 50% interior and 50% analysis.

That’s not all, we also make sure to inject it with plenty of creativity, including video editing, thumbnails, captions and description!

3D Architectural Visualisation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics

The use of 3D architectural visualisation creates hypothetical spaces which are yet to exist, while visual effects work to merge imagination with reality. Motion graphics allow the visuals to maintain narrative momentum and improve visual appeal. All part of our mantra to breathe life into every home, and give buyers room to imagine more possibilities.

Pricing and Location Analysis

We also combine flash with substance; our Home Tours provide deep statistical analysis on factors such as price or location using our very own proprietary data analysis concepts, so viewers see more than just the aesthetics.

The Human Factor

Encapsulating all of these is our key sauce — a Home Tour Presenter; we choose to retain that core of authenticity and expertise by having our own PLB realtors take the helm, but only after they have gone through our elaborate (and exclusive) Home Tour showmanship training programme.

The Outreach

The Next Step: Effective Marketing

PLB’s experienced Digital Marketing Team runs the whole gamut: posting our Signature Home Tour videos on social media, running geo-targeted advertisements, conducting search engine optimisation, and using pixel data to build targeted audiences. This ensures that each listing and Home Tour video gets the most suitable outreach.

Our social media following and subscriber counts are not only impressive, but also 100% organically grown.

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The Result

The Culmination Of All Our Efforts and Expertise

Our high quality Signature Home Tour videos, combined with effective marketing, resonates deeply with both our clients and their buyers.

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Home Tour videos give buyers the convenience of having a comprehensive view of the property directly on their devices first; they don’t have to go to the trouble of arranging a physical viewing unless they are genuinely interested.

PLB’s use of 3D visual effects also allow buyers to visualise possible alternate uses of different spaces, giving them a clearer idea of whether a home is truly suitable for them.

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Our clients also enjoy the benefits of a greatly streamlined viewing process — saving precious time and reducing uncertainty from receiving physical viewers. In addition, having a strong exhibition of one’s property for sale online means it is effectively being marketed 24/7, and can even reach across international borders.

We combine speed, efficiency, and quality to provide the definitive PropertyLimBrothers selling experience.

Proven Performance

Manifesting Visions While Reality Catches Up

Manifesting Visions While Reality Catches Up

It isn’t uncommon for property developments to be marketed before they are fully constructed, but buyers need to contend with the risks of not knowing exactly what they will get. Through PropertyLimBrothers’ Signature Home Tour videos, such risks are greatly minimised. Viewers are able to embark on a comprehensive virtual tour of their potential future home with our expert use of 3D architectural visualisation. The detailed analyses we conduct also ensure that viewers receive all the information they need to make their purchase confidently, even while the property is still being built.

Exploring Boundless Possibilities

Exploring Boundless Possibilities

Not only do our videos not shy away from potential deterrents of a home, we also make sure to highlight potential workarounds and possibilities to enhance these features instead. When we shone a light on a home’s unusually long driveway and the potential appeal it could hold, buyers responded positively.

A meticulously conducted financial analysis also revealed how much of a rarity this property was in its location and at its price point. All this culminated in a sale within 2 months of listing!

Building Dreams, From The Ground Up

Building Dreams,
From The Ground Up

Such is the prowess of our video team, a Signature Home Tour Video can still be a roaring success — even without a home!

With only an empty plot of land to work with, we used 3D architecture modelling to build an entire virtual home within an accurate representation of the land’s surrounding area. In doing so, we not only showcased the best perks of the land’s remarkable location but also allowed the viewer to visualise its full potential with stunning accuracy, which led to a successful sale within 6 months.

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