PLB Top Monthly Awards

At PropertyLimBrothers, we always recognise the efforts and dedications our team tirelessly put out. Join us in congratulating our outstanding performers!

PLB Top Producers 2024

PLB Top Individual Producers 2023

PLB People Choice IST 2023

PLB People Choice Media 2023

PLB Exemplary Awards Sales Team 2023

PLB Exemplary Awards Media Team 2023

PLB Media Regional Team Awards 2023

PLB Outstanding Creatives 2022

PLB Outstanding Initiatives 2022

PLB Outstanding Contributors 2022

PLB Giver Award (Sales) 2022

PLB Giver Award (Media) 2022

PLB Top Producers 2022

PLB Overall Top Producers 2021

PLB Creative Awards 2021

PLB Giver Awards 2021

PLB Overall Top Producers 2021

Media Team 3 Years Service Award

Media Team Promotion

2020 Year End Award