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Forming only 5% of Singapore’s entire housing supply, landed homes in Singapore remains the asset class with one of the strongest store of value. Today, the landed segment is an exclusive and valuable asset, with land scarcity driving up demand and price.

Join PropertyLimBrothers, along with more than 15 landed developers and brand partners in a one-of-a-kind Landed Convention. Witness firsthand the stock of landed properties in Singapore and discuss with experts the right investment strategies to navigate the landed landscape.


Get a bird’s eye view of the comprehensive landed inventory in Singapore from over 15 landed developers. Embark on your journey towards landed living and a secure property portfolio with this coveted asset class, alongside all the information you need to keep abreast of the landed property performance in Singapore.

Be the first owners of landed properties for sale, direct from property developers. Find out if a brand new landed property is the ideal one for you as opposed to rebuilding, or A&A.

The average PSF of brand new landed homes between Q3 and Q4 2022 has declined from $2,089 PSF to $2,032 PSF, with a 33.3% dip in transaction volume. This is following from a steady increase between from Q1 to Q3 2022. On another note, as the chasm gap between landed and non-landed properties continue to move in tandem, landed properties have somewhat become a class of its own. A safe investment strategy? Find out more in our inaugural convention!

Different wines
Different kinds

Much like in real estate, different wines cater to different tastes. Explore the art of wine appreciation while building meaningful connections.

When it comes to landed luxuries, having a sophisticated representation is one not to be overlooked. And that’s why a Steinway & Sons world-class piano is the befitting centrepiece that breathes life and grandeur into your abode. To own a luxury home, means you’re definitely worthy of a Steinway. In this convention, you’ll be listening to what luxury sounds like.

Learn all the essential information you need to know about acquiring a landed property, including legal procedures, timeframes, mortgages, and more. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the transaction process for purchasing a landed home.

Melvin LIm

Speaking at this convention is PropertyLimBrothers’ co-founder and CEO, Melvin Lim— an engaging speaker and a familiar face in our Signature Landed Home Tour videos, to share his insights on the landed property landscape. Melvin Lim is also one of 6 winners of the highest number of transactions in the landed property segment, in Edgeprop’s Excellence Awards 2022 (EPEA).


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