Tiffany Ng

CEA Reg. No: R065800I / L3010958I

Associate Listing Manager

A cheerful individual and former “full-time traveller”. Tiffany anchored herself at PropertyLimBrothers after clipping her wings. Having spent the past 10 years exposed to the grueling demands of the aviation service industry, she developed an acute sense of composure, adaptability, and collectedness, putting her on top of her game. Now, as a real estate consultant, she infuses her craft with the same aptitude. Armed with these transferrable skill sets, Tiffany is ready to go above and beyond, tending to her clients’ every enquiry.

Testimonies for Tiffany Ng

  • Ian Louis Tan
    Google Review

    Exceptional Real Estate Professionals - Tiffany and Jay I recently had the pleasure of working with Tiffany and Jay as my real estate agents, and I am beyond delighted with the outstanding service they provided throughout the entire process. Tiffany and Jay brought an unparalleled level of expertise and dedication to the table. I value efficiency, attention to detail, and effective communication, and Tiffany and Jay exceeded my expectations on all fronts. What sets Tiffany and Jay apart is not only their individual strengths but also their seamless collaboration as a team. Their efficient communication and coordinated efforts made every step of the transaction smooth and stress-free. I wholeheartedly recommend Tiffany and Jay to anyone in search of dedicated and knowledgeable real estate professionals. They have not only earned my trust but have also made this real estate journey an incredibly positive and memorable experience. Thank you, Tiffany and Jay, for your exceptional service and expertise!

  • Huiya Pang
    Google Reviews

    Tiffany is an exceptional professional who not only comprehends our requirements but also swiftly hones in on the perfect options, arranging viewings in a matter of days. Despite concerns about the COV, her expertise and determination led to the acquisition of a property my husband and I adore, all within a remarkably short timeframe. Moreover, her negotiation prowess resulted in a deal that entirely circumvented the need for COV payment, leaving us thoroughly content with the overall outcome. Tiffany and her colleague Bryan demonstrated remarkable efficiency in handling the paperwork, streamlining the process and allowing us to simply await key collection. Their seamless coordination and dedication made the entire experience incredibly smooth, and we are truly grateful for their exceptional assistance. Thank you both for your outstanding support - it is greatly appreciated! To Tiffany: your remarkable efforts and results have left an indelible impression, and we are immensely grateful for your outstanding service.

  • Joey Tan
    Google Reviews

    I can wholeheartedly say that Deborah, Tiffany and Beatrice from PropertyLim Brothers are the best team who made my entire resale flat purchase journey such a seamless and awesome experience. They are very professional, responsive and offered the best guidance that made me feel assured every step of the way. They did a fantastic job liasing with the sellers, were very punctual at every appointment, were concise and clear with letting me know the various timelines and things i need to do. As they work in a team, every time i had a question, the response was immediate, i love that the service provided was top notch. I have met my fair share of agents from other companies and I must say I have been the most impressed with them. My entire flat purchase journey of 5 months was such a breeze because of them. Best of all, in addition to the excellent service provided, they have wonderful personalities and are always so engaged and lovely to deal with. I would highly recommended that you look for this team when looking to sell or buy your next flat. It is very important to have very good agents in such an important decision. I feel very happy to have the great fortune of encountering them.

  • Gary Loh
    Google review

    Big shoutout to my agents, Seng Huat and Tiffany Ng, for their dedication and support during the sale of my property in the Woodleigh area. They need to be particularly commended on their patience on handling a rather difficult tenant who could only arrange viewings during the weekends, which Both of them also gave very timely and detailed updates throughout the process. When the last two potential buyers were identified, they handled the negotiations well and managed to seal the deal very quickly substantially hindered marketing efforts. All in all, I will definitely entrust the sale of my next property to PLB. Keep up the good work!

  • Cheng Poh Soon Roy
    Google Reviews

    Happy with Both Alfred and Tiffany commitment

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