Walk-Up Apartments Explained

In metropolitan Singapore, high-rise buildings are a normal part of daily living and working experience. To escape the urban jungle, penthouses connect residents to the skies and have drawn a large premium. Today, we exchange these ultra-luxe penthouses for simple and communal living found at Walk-up Apartments.

(PLH) Prime Location Public Housing – What are the ripple effects of these new policies for the HDB market and beyond?

The release of the news on the latest Build-to-Order (BTO) flats under the new housing model – Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) – has sensationalised the real estate market.

The several limitations on homeownership of these flats in the prime locations of Singapore translate not just to price fluctuations within the core central region (CCR), but will have price implications on the periphery public housing and the real estate rental market, as well as private property in and around the area.

Juniper Hill New Launch Condo Review — A New Addition to District 10

Juniper Hill, the former Crystal Tower, is a new addition to District 10 within walking distance from Stevens and Newton MRT station, future residents will be able to enjoy enhanced connectivity on not one, not two, but three different MRT lines. The different layouts in Juniper Hill have also been very efficiently and functionally designed. There is something for everyone!

NOTG Ep 3: Why NOT to time the market for your own homestay property

In our latest article, we look at the soaring prices in the property market.

Landed, resale and even new launches are showing no signs of abating. Is it still good to time your property? It all depends on understanding the underlying reasons behind the demand for Singapore property – both foreign and local, and proper planning.

Penthouses Explained

Penthouses gain their value from being the sole “top floor” of any development. The promise of skies above your heads and far-reaching unblocked views had its roots tracing back to the era of rooftop gentrification in the 1920s. Now, penthouses have evolved in shape and size and its appeal is certainly here to stay in land-scarce Singapore.

For homeowners looking to escape the urban sprawl in the comfort of their homes, or those looking for a home that conveys status and prestige, penthouses are certainly the right properties for you.

PLB 2021 Q3 Market Updates

Rising land cost, eager developers, En-bloc revival, and enthusiasm from our very own Singaporeans are some of the key takeaways from this quarterly update. We are approaching the final quarter of the year, as we inch closer to the reopening of our borders. We are excited for what is to come and cannot wait to see what Q4 has in store. Read more on our latest article by our Insights Team!

Achieving the Best Possible Price: 5 Key Factors

At any given time, about 80% of homeowners in Singapore are thinking about the same thing. How do you achieve The Best Possible Price for your public housing flat? According to the latest Population Census 2020, about 78.7% of Resident Households are HDB dwellings. In this article, we will be revealing 5 Key Factors that will help you fetch the best possible selling price for your flat!

Step by Step Guide to becoming a Property Agent in Singapore

The real estate agent career is a lucrative one, but not many take that leap of faith to pursue it. Think you have what it takes to become a property agent in Singapore? Read on and we will show you exactly how to get your license and start your real estate journey!