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  • Government bumps up supply of private homes for full-year 2023 to highest in a decade
  • Orchard Road, Zion Road sites among 8 state land plots to be offered in H2 for private housing
  • Charming Garden makes third and final bid at collective sale with same S$175 million guide price
  • When new condo units are pricier than older ones by over 70 per cent
  • New private home sales up 17% in May from April, on the back of a doubling in launches

Grayce Tan

CEA Reg. No: R066196F / L3010958I

Associate Listing Manager

Grayce hails from a background of a varying passions, grounded in an insatiable curiosity for people. Her worldview is informed by her pursuit of knowledge in the fields of Sociology, Educational Pedagogy and Real Estate Investment, anchored through her life experiences. On top of her day-to-day interactions with our clients, she also helms the Editorial Team at PropertyLimBrothers. Planning key content and managing the workflow, she helps the team to stay on top of the latest real estate news and provide real-time analysis of key market trends. Passionate, driven and ready to serve, Grayce is a lifelong learner, echoing the same values of PropertyLimBrothers.

Testimonies for Grayce Tan

  • Chan Gwen
    Google Review

    Selling our place was not a straightforward process and it can get a bit stressful, can't be anymore thankful to engage PropertyLimBrothers to help us sell our home. For the media team who efficiently filmed and created the home tour, thank you for making the home tour look aesthetically informative while including the highlight to the home. Big shoutout to George and Grayce, who have consistently been by our side throughout the selling journey answering our endless questions quickly even if it gets late and for always putting our feelings first before doing anything. Thank you both for all your help and understanding throughout the journey, and for your hard work too!

  • Chenglong Sun
    Google Review

    Special thanks to Eunice Lam, Grayce Tan, Marc Chan, Mikhail Roberto, and the entire PLB team behind-the-scenes for making this dream home journey come true! TL,DR: "Real estate with integrity" - the PLB team do live up to it. In our journey we had our ups and downs, even some high tension and anxiety, but we kept a 100% two-way open and honest communication and feedback channel which was key to our success, and eventually brought us all closer than ever. To other fellow potential clients: be clear of what you want, and give polite yet honest and constructive feedback so you can partner with PLB team better and getting EXACTLY what you set out to achieve. Also remember that the client (you) is PART OF the team, so don't just sit on the other side of the table and wait, join the teamwork by actively communicating and giving timely feedback. --------Story Below---------- After intensive research and competitive comparisons, I decided to go with PLB team, even though they charge a high-than-market-standard rate. For the initial encounter the team visited my home with top of the line professionalism and enthusiasm, going the extra mile with pitch decks, collaterals and gifts. The team left a strong impression, and it is that extra-mile that eventually tipped the scale on my final decision making. The mid-portion of the journey was a bit of a roller coaster ride: The Good - the home tour video was just outstanding, I can see the whole production & marketing team put their full-hearts in, making it one of the most viewed and liked home tour video in recent months. Could be Better - we had a few incidences where the team didn't meet the high-bar their brand promise set, we had run-ins of punctuality issues, miscommunications, and some unexpected surprises along the way. BUT, and this is a big but, after giving the team honest and constructive feedback on accountability, the team really improved, with visible and tangible impact. Pushing through the low-point, we entered a new phase of closer partnership, our effectiveness and efficiency drastically increased, leading to the final victory across the board in buy, sell and rent. We had our stress test, but I have to thank the team for their dedication and perseverance, and upping their game despite setbacks and sometimes hard-to-swallow feedback. Seeing that effort, after we've successfully achieved our goals, I decided to treat the entire team who worked on my project with a well-deserved sea-side feast to celebrate, because they deserve the recognition. Looking back on my journey with the PLB team through thick and thin, I can happily vouch that this is a team of dedicated, caring and hard-working people that won't let you down. I'll be sure to circle back for my future housing needs, till next time team PLB!

  • Seiki Murono
    Google Review

    My wife and I cannot say enough about our experience with Grayce Tan and Gabriel Ding who assisted us with both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our existing home. In both transactions, they were professional, responsive, and highly ethical in all their interactions with us and our counterparties. Moreover, both transactions were done in record time. All along the way, they kept us well-informed and updated. Any questions or concerns we had were quickly addressed. Over my lifetime, I have bought and sold 6 different homes in New York, New Jersey and California. Our experience with Grayce and Gabriel was by far the best and we are happy to give them our highest recommendation and endorsement.

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      Listing Date: February 17, 2023
      Sold Date: April 3, 2023

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      Listing Date: November 4, 2022
      Sold Date: June 12, 2023

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      Listing Date: November 1, 2022
      Sold Date: December 22, 2022

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