Jeremy Yong

CEA Reg. No: R064307H / L3010958I

Associate Listing Consultant Manager, Section Leader

From a Cadet Pilot to a Real Estate Agent, Jeremy decided to make a career switch. He utilises similar skill sets such as thinking fast yet thinking straight, through discipline. Searching for the dream home is never an easy task, and just like the occasional turbulence, these obstacles can be weathered through. Combined with the right skills and technique, Jeremy aims to provide a smooth experience for all clients.

Testimonies for Jeremy Yong

  • Kelvin Koh
    Google Review

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.  Jeremy and Wayne had been great help to help me and my family settle into the rental under very tight timeline. Thank you Jeremy and Wayne 🙏🏼

  • Florence Tan-Lim
    Google Review

    Jeremy and Dionnis were not only professional and dedicated but were very understanding and patient with us. True to your grit you guys nail the deal beyond expectations. Well done!!! As retirees we are grateful to have had placed our unit in their good hands. We highly recommend Jeremy, Dionnis and PLB without a doubt! Keep up the good work!

  • Chong Wei Ming
    Google Review

    My fiancé and I were looking for a resale flat and have no idea on the steps and procedure. I reached out to Jeremy as we serve army together. Jeremy and his partner, Wayne, guided us through this tough times as detailed as the possibly could and even went the extra mile to come over at midnight just to explain to us what are the procedure. They have been really really helpful and both my fiancé and I are very grateful and appreciative of their time and effort spent on us. Definitely would recommend them to our friends and family if anyone is looking to buy or sell their property!

  • Boon Thong Kwa
    Google Review

    Very fortunate to have Marc, Christina and Jeremy to assist us for the sale of our flat. The team managed to sell our flat in less than a week and above our expected price. The entire process with the team is very transparent and professional. Detailed notes of every viewing will be provided to give you a feel on potential buyers. Look for PLB if you need a team with an extensive network, passion and integrity. Highly recommend!!

  • Jia Li
    Google Review

    Very satisfied with the awesome service provided by Christina and Jeremy. We engaged PLB for our sale of our 29-year old 5 room hdb flat and oir purchase of resale dbss. Being located on the 4th storey, we were really happy that Christina and Jeremy helped us to sell it at a good price. Am impressed by the team after they makeover our flat and gave us good tips on how to sell at a better price. They are very experienced, helpful and on-the-ball and help us a lot esp. to cover some blind spots when looking for our new flat. N they are also detail oriented, ensuring that we meet all the deadline required and give us advices whenever we need. Will strongly recommend Christina and Jeremy if you are sourcing for a new property or selling your current one.

  • Keith Liang
    Google Review

    We would like to thank Kenneth and Jeremy for their hard work and dedication in seeing this through. They were patient, approachable and proactive each step of the way, and went out of their way to make the experience a palatable one for us. They were meticulous and took great efforts in understanding our needs, concerns and expectations. They were very prompt in responding to our many queries, many times even at unearthly hours. On a few occasions, they even rushed out administrative documents late into the night in order to make things flow seamlessly for us. Their impeccable attention to detail, coupled with professionalism and passion for the job truly make them a force to be reckoned with. Needless to say, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kenneth and Jeremy to anyone who wants to buy or rent a property. Kudos to this dynamic duo!

  • Terence Quah
    Google Review

    Jeremy was very knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. He was very detailed in his explanation and was able to help answer to all our queries and concerns. Highly recommend as an agent!

  • euglmh
    Google Review

    The Excellence Service Award (EXSA) is a national award managed by seven industry lead bodies and supported by SPRING Singapore. Being a recipient of this prestigious award is a testimont of my strong believe in the delivery of outstanding service. Despite my high standards, Mr Jeremy Yong and Mr Bryan Koh, together with the team supporting them, from Property Lim Brothers (PLB) have way exceeded my expectations in all aspects with regards to the sale of my unit at Waterbay Executive Condominium. To be honest, my wife and I were initially relectant to engage the services of PLB because of their fees. However, after watching many of their signature home tour videos, we became convinced that their fees were actually very reasonable considering the huge amount of work and effort that goes into each and every project. After we cleared and moved out of our unit, Jeremy and Bryan started work the very next day, despite it being a Sunday. Even though they had other projects on hand, they wasted no time in getting the unit ready for sale. From minor repairs to staging to photo and video shoots to media editing and finally to listing, everything was done to perfection following a strict timeline which PLB had set for themselves.
    After our unit was listed on various property and social media marketing platforms, we estimated one month for the unit to be sold. But we were in for a big surprise. With the countless hours (till late at night) that Jeremy and Bryan spent hosting potential buyers at the unit, they were able to close the sale within the first two days of viewing! What's more they were able to close the sale at a price higher than the listed price! How they pulled off this miracle, we have no idea. But we are certain that this was possible because of their hard work coupled with sound processes PLB had put in place. Throughout the journey thus far, Jeremy and Bryan have constantly kept us in the loop of things in a very timely manner. Always reassuring, Jeremy and Bryan have indeed made this journey a pleasant, fussfree and fun one. Words alone cannot express my wife's and my gratitude to Jeremy, Bryan and the entire PLB team supporting them. We will definitely recommend PLB as the one and only choice to our family and friends and likewise, PLB will be our unrivaled choice for all our future property needs.
    Thank you Jeremy, Bryan and PLB team!

  • KF L
    Google Review

    We have recently sold our unit with the help from Jeremy, Eunice and the PLB team, within 1 week of launch of photos and virtual in portals. This would not have been possible if not for the professional advice, sincere attitude, dedicate service and excellent marketing strategy from Jeremy and Eunice. They kept us posted of the summary of groups that came for viewing and list down all the offers in details for us to review even after a long day of hosting the groups.
    A big shout out to all at PLB, especially Jeremy and Eunice, for the good work.
    Keep it up!

  • Raymond Lee
    Google Review

    I had high expectations of PLB for the sale of my property, and they have certainly exceeded them. The team is professional in handling the entire process end-to-end, and I’m particularly pleased with my agent, Jeremy, who is super responsive and helped make the sale process a very pleasant one. There’s no doubt that engaging PLB is the best choice, as they have helped change the otherwise tedious experience to a seamless one - No surprises along the way and business as usual. Way to go, Team PLB! Thanks once again for the great experience.

  • Alice Chow
    Google Review

    Following on the great experience from the sale of my property, I continued to engage PLB (Jeremy) for my rental. Jeremy is diligent in helping to secure appointments for viewing, following-up with the landlords’ agents, negotiating for the best pricing, and providing sound advices along the way. Thumbs-up to Jeremy for the seamless experience! This is an awesome beginning to our rental journey ahead.

  • Kwai Fong
    Facebook Review

    We have recently sold our unit with the help from Jeremy, Eunice and the PLB team, within 1 week of launch of photos and virtual in portals. This would not have been possible if not for the professional advice, sincere attitude, dedicate service and excellent marketing strategy from Jeremy and Eunice. They kept us posted of the summary of groups that came for viewing and list down all the offers in details for us to review even after a long day of hosting the groups. A big shout out to all at PLB, especially Jeremy and Eunice, for the good work. Keep it up!

  • Annabel Analeigh
    Facebook Review

    My fiancé and I were in a rush to get a property on our own because of certain special circumstances so we're soooooooo happy that we’re able to find our perfect cozy home so quick and effortless thanks to Jeremy and Wayne! We literally have zero knowledge about the process of getting a flat and I’m so grateful that Jeremy and Wayne were so patient, understanding and professional in replying our countless questions and guiding us throughout. We would 100% recommend them to our friends and family if they are looking to sell or buy a property. Keep up the good work!

  • Eileen Tan Hb
    Facebook Review

    Jeremy & Phyllis - the most professional and hardworking team dedicated to helping us find our ideal home! After spending several weekends on house-hunting with us, the team was more than ever motivated and managed to secure an awesome deal with the best possible terms! We are very impressed with the results of the negotiation - OTP issued within the same day, good entry price, super early posession and rent-free! We are grateful and satisfied! Thank you again, team PLB!

  • Joshua Lim
    Google Reviews

    Jeremy and Rachel are very competent and professional agent. Thanks to them that I can have my property sold at a good price and in a timely manner. The virtual tour and online listings are on point. Keep up the great work!

  • Derrick Ong
    Google Reviews

    I have dealt with countless real estate agents from different real estate companies, both buying and selling, but I am not very satisfied with their service, professionalism, service and sales attitude. I was deeply impressed by the professional knowledge, integrity and service-oriented attitude of the two real estate agents Mr. Jeremy Yong and Mr. Bryan Koh from PropertyLimBrothers. Of course, I would also like to express my special thanks to Mr. Melvin Lim and Mr. Adrian Lim, the two top executives of Shuanglin Company of PropertyLimBrothers. Under their leadership, they trained two outstanding real estate agents, Jeremy and Bryan, to serve us and provided them with my best wishes. Our property was sold in an unexpectedly short period of time. Of course, the professional videos shot by PropertyLimBrothers also play an important role in publicity and sales. Here, I sincerely thank your team for their professional service spirit and work attitude. I will also do my best to convey your company's information to my friends! Derrick Ong

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