Responsibilities of an agent in Real Estate | SalesX Assembly by PLB Podcast Ep 2 | Melvin Lim

In this Assembly podcast episode, Melvin will be diving into the sequence of learning in the real estate industry as a full-time real estate consultant. Real estate is an expensive class of asset that are considered luxurious goods to many. As the monetary quantum of a good increases, so does the expectation levels of customer service and knowledge. So to lay some context, what are the responsibilities that you have to be accountable for as a real estate consultant, especially when you are dealing with such high-quantum goods that some consumers may never purchase consecutively? Find out more in this episode as Melvin goes into detail about the attitude needed if you are going to stay in the real estate industry where real estate metamorphose from an asset class, to a business, to a profession and ultimate to a craft that is unique to its own in so many different ways.

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Our Author/Guests

Melvin Lim

Melvin Lim is the co-founder and CEO of PropertyLimBrothers (PLB Realty).

In Melvin’s eyes, every home has its own character and is unique. As a realtor, he enjoys telling stories about homes, highlighting what makes them special to potential buyers.


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