Tucked away in fringes of District 21 is this 3,350 sq ft semi-detached home with huge potential in terms of customisability. Melvin Lim and Beatrice from PropertyLimBrothers goes through the various ideas to maximise this 5,546 sqft space! into one of your own. From converting this property to a detached status, or having a semi-detached status with a higher built-up area of around 8,000 sqft, this property is ideal for owners looking to rebuild a home to their own liking

For buyers looking for a sizeable move-in ready landed home, this 4-bed, 3-bath home checks those boxes too. Being in close proximity to the various parks and amenities in the Bukit Timah area, this home is a great choice for nature lovers. Unleash your creative potential here!