Digital Marketing Specialist

Dil’s journey from jack-of-all-trades entrepreneur to a digital marketer is a tale spun with diverse threads. From juggling freelance gigs in web development, to managing a bar and a Japanese rice bowl stall, even exploring a stint in a logistics startup; Dil’s journey speaks volumes about his tenacity.

Eventually, he plunged into the world of employment, finding his groove in digital marketing. As a Digital Marketing specialist at PLB, Dil drives strategic campaigns for lead generation, leveraging SEM across platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Outbrain. With PLB as his current home ground and next step into the workforce, Dil describes this assimilation as seamless, and we think so too. He has quickly adapted to PropertyLimBrothers’ culture and ethos.

Dil’s leisurely pursuits paint a similarly lively picture, but only in the digital world. When he’s not at home conquering virtual worlds in video games, he either sings his heart out at karaoke spots with classic tunes or seeks solace by the beach with a cold beverage in hand.

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