Landed Homes Series 07 – What do Air Wells do for homes?

One of the more innovative ways to bring in better air circulation in your home is to create an air well. Not only does it bring more airflow into the home, but it is also an architectural masterpiece that will definitely leave your visitors mesmerised by it! Come read more about the potential benefits you can get, from natural ventilation to psychological effects that can help “lift” your spirits!

Haus Collective – A luxe Thai-inspired modern HDB apartment

A 3-bedroom HDB apartment was transformed into a sensuous 1-bedder for the homeowners; Thai-inspiration and inner desires drove the design for this home in Chai Chee. PropertyLimBrothers’s Haus Collective series latest series uncovers the latest and refined homes in Singapore, from the owner’s perspective. From specific renovation details to culture-inspired murals, we peek into the minds of this highly-driven individuals and get inspirations for our dwelling.

Landed Homes Series 06 – How do you Go Green for your home?

What can landed homeowners do to join the sustainability movement? From passive home designs to carbon-negative technology, we will be diving into how to push the boundaries while ensuring adherence to the setback requirements for your home.

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