6 Essential Landed Property Plot Jargon that You should know

In the real estate sphere in Singapore, there are many acronyms and terms that agents and sellers use to convey certain aspects of a property. Don’t be left in the dark: we help you break down some important property jargon that is commonly used here!

Why is buying 2 or more properties a good idea?

Multiple properties across different asset classes and markets provide security in a turbulent market. With a diversified portfolio, we are better able to not only withstand market fluctuations but capitalise on favourable market conditions. In this article, we answer your questions: Should I buy 2 properties? Why is buying 2 or more properties a good strategy? What should be my considerations when looking to purchase additional properties?

5 popular estates in Singapore for expats

Have you ever wondered which estates in Singapore are more popular among expats? Or if you are an incoming resident-to-be of the city-state island of Singapore, this article will tell you which are the more commonly chosen estates to start your journey in. Are you ready to find out what these 5 popular estates have to offer? Come find out in this Insights article, from the east coast to the city centre, as even with Singapore’s land scarcity, there is still a place for everyone to be in.

Landed Luxuries Series 01 – The History of Good Class Bungalows

Some of us had heard of or chanced upon Good Class Bungalows, which are magnificent property gems hard to come by! From their architecture splendor to the whopping price tags that comes along with it, these factors draw huge amounts of attention to these bungalows. However, what’s not well known is how GCBs started out and how it’s growth contribute to where they are in the real estate market today. Here is the breakdown of GCBs’ history!

Why invest in Singapore Real Estate versus other investments

You may have seen our home tours and wonder what’s so great about rental yields in property, or you may wonder why is there a surplus of agents now? Is property booming? We know COVID-19 is the cause, but what’s the effect? In this article, we compare real estate to the other asset classes, from cryptocurrency to stocks, and even Coca Cola shares!

A macro look at the Singapore property market in 2021. Is now the time to buy?

The condo resale market has been experiencing strong growth across all districts in Singapore in recent quarters. Overall year-on-year prices increased by 5.8% over April 2020. Furthermore, macro trends across Singapore and internationally may also be pushing property prices higher. So, is now the time to buy? Let’s take a closer look at some trends we see the real estate market moving towards in our post pandemic world.