How This Family of 7 Upgraded From HDB to Landed Property

Singapore is affectionately known as “Little Red Dot” by many, and that didn’t come without basis – we’re indeed small by land size and this has resulted in the scarcity & high prices of land here. Thus, we tend to believe that being able to upgrade to a landed home is a dream that is out of reach. Large families also usually forsake the idea of upgrading to private properties for the large spaces that characterised HDB EMs & EAs.

However, there are ways & means to satisfy both the need for space & the want for capital appreciation. For this family of 7 who were originally staying in a HDB EM, they eventually decided to go for an upgrade (to a landed property at that!). Let’s explore why they did so & how they did it.

6 Factors to Consider for Your Property’s Monthly Instalment | Investors Ep 4

Some property buyers often overestimate the amount of monthly instalments that they can make, as such feel the financial burden and end up unhappy with their purchase. In this article where we explore the 6 factors to consider when gauging for an affordable and realistic monthly instalment for the property that you wish to purchase for your current pay status.

URA Masterplan Explained

For real estate enthusiasts and investors, the Master Plan provides clues to understand how Singapore’s urban landscape is balanced and the potential changes in the future.

Here at PLB, we use the Master Plan to guide our analysis. Let’s take a glimpse as to how we use the Master Plan, and how you can apply these skills in your real estate purchases or investments.

What if cooling measures come again? Should I wait till the next round of cooling measures?

With the unprecedented run of the housing market amidst one of the worst recession caused by the pandemic, it is no longer a question of whether there will be another round of cooling measures, but perhaps when.
This begs the question, what if cooling measures come again, and should you wait till the next round of cooling measures to buy that dream home? The answer might surprise you!

If you are considering investing in a property check out these 4 pointers before you start!

What are some expenses one should consider when buying an investment property – maintenance fees, property tax, cost of repairs, agency fees? How about the factors such as vacancy rate, tenant pool, accessibility and competition in the vicinity? How does this affect your overall rental yield and exit strategy? Come read about the 4 factors we’ve put together for you in this short Insights article for those interested in property investing.