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How Should You Select an Investment Shophouse?

Picking an investment might be “easy” in some cases. See potential in Electric Vehicle brands like Tesla? Buy. See the potential in the future of E-Commerce platforms like Shopee? Buy. The decision becomes increasingly difficult when you’re dealing with a large sum of money or investments with less public information available. In our latest Insights article, we explore how you should select the right Shophouse to invest in.

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Shophouse in Singapore

Hip. Enchanted. Charming. Do you know how to go about buying a Shophouse in Singapore? We give a step-by-step guide to explain the purchasing process for a Shophouse in Singapore. This will help shed some light on the administrative details of the property purchase. It will be an interesting read if you want to learn more about how commercial shophouse investments can be purchased.

Heritage Collection: A Blast to the Past

Tired of the usual hotel experience? Bored of lacklustre and mediocre BnB stays? Heritage Collection Singapore (Hericoll) might have what you are looking for. Hericoll offers hotels and serviced apartments with a cultural twist. Located across the city, Hericoll turns Shophouses into a comfortable way to experience Singapore’s culture and heritage. Integrated with modern technology, expect a hassle-free and contactless check-in into these architectural delights.

10 Archetypal Features of Shophouses in Singapore

Shophouses today are of high conservation value, not only owing to their unparalleled charm and allure but because they remain a testament to the enduring heritage, multiculturalism, and creative genius of those who came before us. In this pilot feature of our PropertyLimBrothers Shophouse Series, we take you through a short history of shophouses, as well as ten archetypal elements of the shophouse.