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  • Government bumps up supply of private homes for full-year 2023 to highest in a decade
  • Orchard Road, Zion Road sites among 8 state land plots to be offered in H2 for private housing
  • Charming Garden makes third and final bid at collective sale with same S$175 million guide price
  • When new condo units are pricier than older ones by over 70 per cent
  • New private home sales up 17% in May from April, on the back of a doubling in launches

Alexa Loh

CEA Reg. No: R061738I / L3010958I

Associate Listing Manager

With over a decade of experience in the education industry, Alexa’s strengths lie in effective communication and empathising with her clients’ needs. The candid advice that she offers sincerely to her clients has earned her their respect and loyalty over the years. As a real estate agent, she continues with this same dedication and commitment, understanding how important the decision to buy or sell a property can be.

Testimonies for Alexa Loh

  • Amanda
    Google Review

    Alexa was very attentive and efficient when scheduling viewings. I am very pleased with her service as she showed that she truly cared for her clients' needs and she was not in it just for the commission. She was very helpful and involved in the price negotiation as well as communication with the seller side. She also guided me on the transaction process as it was my first time buying a house. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy any property.

  • Agnes Lam
    Google Review

    Would like to thank Christina and Alexa and their team for doing an excellent job in marketing my flat. It was done professionally. and everything was explained to me clearly. The last time I sold a flat was like 20+ years again back then I only had one person. Hence, when I first met up with these two ladies, it was like Wow, so many people. From staging to listing no time was wasted. Offers came in very quickly and a deal was made before I knew it. Whenever, there is a hitch, through no fault of theirs, PLB jumped in to help to resolve the matter. That was a sigh of relief. I would not hesitate to recommend Christina and Alexa to anyone who wants to sell their properties.

  • Jerico Quek
    Google Review

    Engaging PLB simplifies things from finding the right buyer to completion. The process from beginning to end was swift and easy. Our agents, Mikaela and Alexa got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process. Our home went under contract just one day of viewing. We were amazed! Well done, ladies.

  • Ronnie Wong
    Google Review

    Engaging PLB simplifi
    I will strongly recommend to engage property Lim Brother. Very responsive team and very well structure especially Alexa and Angela they are very responsive no matter what time you sent them a question they will arrange a call back in very short time.
    They had sold my unit in record time within a week.
    After sale follow up also up to date till completion.
    Strongly recommend .👍👍👍.
    Well done team.
    es things from finding the right buyer to completion. The process from beginning to end was swift and easy. Our agents, Mikaela and Alexa got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process. Our home went under contract just one day of viewing. We were amazed! Well done, ladies.

  • Joanne K
    Google Review

    We have had a great experience with PLB. Jollene and Alexa were assigned to market our parent's unit and they went the extra mile to understand their circumstances ( in terms of finances, the offer price they wanted and when their next unit will be available), not only that, they even extended their help beyond their duties whenever needed. Even when unforeseen circumstances arise during the process, they were right into and ahead of the problem taking care of every detail. We are impressed by their professionalism throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to preparation, photo-taking and putting up ads, they would take time and patience to explain every details to the elderly and always keep us updated on the progress, more importantly, the unit was sold in the first day of viewing. They made the entire process a breeze.

  • Soo Soo
    Google Review

    I have engaged PLB for selling my house in end 2021, they assembled a team with main interface Wayne and Alexa, we were in good hands from arranging the PLB signature home tour video to viewing by potential buyers - all good professionalism + extra mile of help here and there. Many thanks to Wayne and Alexa !

  • Nijaporn Wangtammanoon
    Google Review

    We couldn’t have done it without you, Alexa & Felicia! Felicia, Alexa and PLB teams are sincere, honest, responsive and professional who persevered with us throughout both buying and selling transactions. In critical situations, both of you were very responsive and gave us valuable advise/suggestions. It was a superb experience and if we were to transact again, we would definitely return to PLB and look for you! Thank you for helping us make both transactions materialise, now we have achieved our goal!

  • Andrew Yee
    Google Review

    We engaged Property Lim Brothers as we were considering selling our place and buying another. Alan, Alexa, and Felicia were very professional in their discussions with us, and provided excellent advice that were catered to our financial situation and needs. Most importantly, it really felt like they were acting in our interest, as opposed to what I was accustomed to with most other agents (property, insurance, you name it) who are always looking to close a deal. At the end of several rounds of discussions, we decided against selling our place, but Alan, Alexa, and Felicia were professional throughout. If you engage them, I am sure that you won't be interacting with a pushy sales agent, but a proper value-add to your decision making process when selling or purchasing a home. They come highly recommended.

  • Annie Ng
    Google Review

    We were fortunate to have Alexa and Christina to help us sell our place in just 3 weekends of viewing. They were extremely helpful, responsive, responsible, and reliable throughout the whole selling process. They understood our needs from the very first meet up and plan the timeline carefully so as to have a smooth less transition to the new place without the need to rent a
    temporary accommodation.
    We would strongly recommend them to help you sell or buy your next dream house. We would also like to take this opportunity to shoutout a big THANK
    YOU to them!

  • D C
    Google Review

    Christina & Alexa, helped us access PLB’s strong resources to prepare our unit for sale, take professional photos and market on the internet. They are very hardworking bringing a constant stream of viewers, our unit was sold in under two months. When we had issues with the Buyer, they protected our interest and helped resolve the matter. Christina is very experienced and can find solutions to difficult problems. Alexa sees the good in people and situations and is creative in problem solving. Thank you Christina and Alexa
    👍 DC

  • Elaine Nevis
    Google Review

    I’ve watched a couple of videos by Property Lim Brothers prior to engaging and trusting them to sell our matrimonial home- a place very near, dear and sentimental to me. Alexa and Christina were assigned to help us with the sale of our very 1st home. I was impressed with the professionalism that they displayed and their value-add throughout the entire experience. Conversations with Alexa were especially easy, we got along very well and that really helped to put me at ease. It did make it easier for me to trust them to get a good price/ sell our very first home. It was a smooth process throughout, which we’re really happy with. Thank you once again PLB team. PS. Alexa, as special as it was to you, the experience throughout our dealings with you was special to us too.

  • Wayne Lim
    Google Review

    When we had the intention to sell, PLB came right up our mind! Felicia and Alexa dropped by our place after we asked for the first non-obligation review. (oh yes, before that, PLB sent a welcome kit over with a comprehensive company background intro booklet and their new PLB endorsed coffee cup! Impressive!) They were very professional and the PLB experience is unique, out-of-the-box as compared to traditional property managers sessions. Both Felicia and Alexa made sure that they attend to the sellers' requirements and expectation, at the same time offering their expertise on how to market the property. I am totally sold when I saw them coming with their 'homework' well prepared in their tablets. This shows their devotion and commitment to you before they kickstart the sales process. Market research, punching in numbers, competitor's listings and most importantly, a transparent conversation which remains as the main competitive advantage of the PLB culture. I would highly recommend them if you are looking around in the market, give them a call because they will 'always be happy to show you the place'.

  • Rouen Tan
    Google Review

    Alexa was patient, thorough and super responsive. Her tenacity made the sale of my unit possible. Thank you, Alexa.

  • Hosea Lai
    Google Review

    Alexa and John supported the process of my purchase and sale. My situation was a bit complicated but they were very patient and knowledgeable, and helped me navigate the entire process seamlessly. What I really appreciated was that both Alexa and John where there to explain things to me, and the support they gave was priceless. Deepest gratitude!!

  • Norman Tan
    Google Review

    My experience with Property Lim Brothers has been exemplary! From the get go, Christina and Alexa have been very professional, knowledgeable and forthcoming with information that gave me confidence that the were the right partners to go with when selling and purchasing my properties. Unlike some others in the same trade, I valued their willingness to go out of their way to represent and protect the interests of their clients, whilst concurrently being as transparent as they possibly can to allay my fears of the risks involved in selling and purchasing properties. This was especially important for me as I was faced with a somewhat complicated situation of having to time my selling and purchasing perfectly in order to avoid additional stamp duties, and penalties from fully redeeming my mortgage loan early. Additionally, Christina and Alexa had multiple stakeholders to manage for my sale and purchase, and they did this with much finesse and flair. Whilst it may be true that the commission paid to Property Lim Brothers is higher than what typically is the market norm, I honestly think that the value that this team provides, and in turn, the assurance and confidence that one gets from their ability to manage the selling and buying process, far exceeds the incremental investment that I had to fork out. Would I choose Property Lim Brothers again? The answer is an irrevocably YES! Would I recommend Property Lim Brothers to future home buyers and sellers? The answer is also a definite YES!

  • Brian Lim
    Google Review

    Alexa has been very professional and helpful throughout the engagement, providing useful information on current industry trends and practices. It was definitely a load off our minds to have her help us manage our rental.

  • Soo Soo
    Google Review

    I have engaged PLB for selling my house in end 2021, they assembled a team with main interface Wayne and Alexa, we were in good hands from arranging the PLB signature home tour video to viewing by potential buyers - all good professionalism + extra mile of help here and there. Many thanks to Wayne and Alexa !

  • Ho Serene
    Google Review

    I have recently engaged Christina & Alexa of PLB to sell my private property. It has been a tremendously pleasant experience. The property was marketed and sold within a month, at a price of my satisfaction. Christina and Alexa are both very experienced, professional, good with details and very patient to walk us through the entire sales process. They are also very prompt in attending to queries, messages & phone calls. I would say they are both highly effective and efficient with their work. Lqjq With them handling the sales of my property, I could have absolute piece of mind to leave everything in their good hands. Knowing that both are taking great care and exercise all due diligence to do what is needful for my property. Kudos to Christina & Alexa! Excellent job done! I would definitely recommend both these ladies and PLB to anyone who are looking to sell or buy their properties! ;)

  • Jason Shi
    Google Review

    With Wenbin and Alexa - we were able to sell our house at a price above our expectation, and purchase our dream home effortlessly. At every step of the way, they were professional, diligent, friendly, and always there to guide us whenever we have any questions. Their market insights and property analysis equipped us with many knowledge and recommendations that helped us to make the best decisions. Everything went extremely smoothly and there was no doubt we were in good hands. Will fully recommend them to our friends and relatives :)

  • numindar saini
    Google Review

    Alexa and Tabitha were exceptional realtors who went above and beyond to ensure that our home buying and selling experience was seamless and stress-free. From the moment we met Alexa and Tabitha, we felt confident in their expertise and professionalism. They were always available to answer any questions we had, and they went out of their way to make sure that we found the perfect home. Both Alexa and Tabitha were extremely knowledgeable about the local real estate market and were able to provide valuable insights and advice throughout the home buying and selling process. They were always prompt, responsive, and patient, even when we had a million questions or needed to see a property multiple times. What we appreciated most about working with Alexa and Tabitha was their honesty and transparency. They were always upfront about any potential issues or concerns with a property and provided unbiased advice, which helped us make informed decisions throughout the process. Overall, we had an excellent experience working with them.We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They truly care about their clients and are committed to delivering exceptional service every step of the way!

  • Matilda Hui
    Facebook Review

    It has been a great experience / journey from start til the end. The teamwork is excellent. As it is a huge team, there are specialists in every area that cover from competitive / pty value research, to staging, home tour video, potential ID rendering, reports/ updates, are ALL ON POINT. Tbh, even before my pty was sold by PLB, I have already been raving about their professionalism and capabilities to my friends and family. Above all, Alexa and Wayne have far exceeded my expectations, to make me a very happy seller. They managed my tenant very well to facilitate a sale with tenancy. Good job PLB! You will always be my number one choice!!

  • Serena Lim
    Facebook Review

    Professional and outstanding experience with PLB. Alexa and Charline were great in making the sale process smooth and efficient. Highly recommended for fuss free property transaction!

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