Shawn Tay

CEA Reg. No: R062117C / L3010958I

Associate Senior Listing Manager, Section Leader

Being one of the youngest in the team, Shawn draws inspiration from his teammates’ commitment and drive, as well as his own observation of the human emotions behind his clients’ real estate decision drivers. Naturally empathetic, his strength lies in his ability to put himself in the clients’ shoes, and understand their motivations so as to act in their best interest.

Testimonies for Shawn Tay

  • Coco Zo
    Google Review

    Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Both Alan and Shawn from PLB has been responsive and worked hard at marketing my unit. They always come with a smile and give details on the profile of each potential buyer who came to view our unit after. We are happy with the overall experience. Thank you team PLB and wish you all the best.

  • Cynthia Chua
    Google Review

    We have a seamless experience on the sales of our EM, the purchase of our choice unit from a new launch project and securing a rental unit at our preferred location. Heartfelt thanks from our family to Shawn and Kenneth for going the extra mile during this journey with their prompt updates and good recommendation. 👍🙏

  • Ailing Xu Agnes Koh
    Google Review

    We have a seamless experience on the sales of our EM, the purchase of our choice unit from a new launch project and securing a rental unit at our preferred location. Heartfelt thanks from our family to Shawn and Kenneth for going the extra mile during this journey with their prompt updates and good recommendation. 👍🙏

  • Agnes Koh
    Google Review

    Gone are the days where listings are published in newspapers. Home staging and digital marketing strategies by PLB are refreshing and exciting.
    Was scheduled with viewings almost every weekends. Engaging not only to potential home buyers, but also to their clients. Never ever a question was left unattended by my listing team of Alan Koh & Shawn Tay.
    Undaunted, positive & professional would best describe both Alan & Shawn. Even if it means closing the deal at 12 midnight.

  • Wang Hao Yu
    Google Review

    Gabriel and Shawn are easy to communicate with and diligent. Gabriel is always looking for ways to help the client. They are also not pushy and listen to your needs. Thanks alot gab and Shawn!

  • Weng Siang Foo
    Google Review

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. We worked with Property Lim Brothers for the purchase of a property, and were pleasantly surprised with their level of professionalism and dedication to providing good service suited to our needs. At no point in the process did we feel pressured to make an offer or close a transaction, and instead advice was given according to our situation specifically. Many thanks to Shawn and Gabriel, who worked tirelessly to identify appropriate property listings, arrange for viewings, and provide information and advice on potential purchases. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.

  • Guo Liang
    Google Review

    A big thanks to Shawn and Caline for marketing my place. They handle it very professionally and diligently. I expect to move out end of 2023 but with their excellent teamwork and strong marketing strategy we managed to get a buyer in a short time frame. I need to start packing now as I typing this review. As always happy to show you the place Cheers 🥂

  • Sebastian Goh Zhenyang
    Google Review

    Shawn and Ramzi from PLB go above and beyond what I expected property agents to do. They take great pride in what they do and consistently help clarify any property questions that we have regardless whether its BTO, Resale or Rental (understanding of Tenancy Agreement). Never in the journey have we regretted using their services and if you are looking for someone to service your property needs, you should give them a ring. :)

  • Jason Tan
    Google Review

    Shawn and Jessin are very friendly and professional agents. They assisted us with selling our house! With the keys passed to them, they helped to see through the preparatory works and staging efforts without our presence. After every buyers’ visit, they would prepare a summary write up in the group chat to update us. Even before the video tours are launched, they have already published the house listings. Because of this, the deal was secured within three buyers’ visit!

  • Augustine Lim
    Google Review

    The process was such a breeze. Response and recommendations were top notch. Felt comfortable and assured from the get go. Kudos to Melvin and Shawn. Thanks for the great partnership!

  • Juay Hong
    Facebook Review

    PLB is well known for using new media tools to sell property but that isn't their only strength. One thing that stands out and why one should consider getting them for your buying or selling of properties is that they come in a team (of 2 primary agents and loads of backend support). I had a wonderful experience working with Shawn, Beng Yew and Ramzi from PLB. They talked to us, they assured us throughout the journey, they had someone to produce videos backend, and one common bugbear is that an agent normally will try to get you to work around both their busy schedules and that of the agent on the other side - this didn't happen to us since we had 2 primary agents (Shawn and Beng Yew) and if one person was not available, the other one could make it. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

  • Rick Hunter
    Facebook Review

    The marketing journey I had with PLB was nothing short of exceptional. The 2 listing managers assigned to my unit ( Shawn Tay and Rachel Koh) achieved in 4 short weeks and only after 6 viewings (from the point the property was officially launched for sale and 1 week after the home tour video is out) what my previous agent could not for 1.5 years- transact my property at or close to my asking price. I personally feel that the main factor is that PLB has already invested significantly to built up its reputation, exposure and clientele/subscriber base through its many initiatives and multi-pronged approach- client events, home tours, new launch reviews/ property nuggets, convention, social media presence etc. The fact that my home tour video garnered 14,000 views within 2 days of release and generated more than 100 enquires in a very short time ( many genuine ones that eventually translated to requests for physical viewings) bears testimony to their marketing prowess and effectiveness. Contrast that with my previous home tour video which logged only 900 views after 15 months. Additionally, the whole 7 person team supporting the client experience journey and underpinning the marketing efforts makes this a walk in the park for the client to buy or sell. But the secret sauce and icing on the cake is the 2 seasoned professionals who are my listing managers- Shawn Tay and Rachel Koh- diligent, dedicated and earnest to get things done fuss-free in the most effective and efficient manner. It may cost a bit more in commissions but it is definitely value for the dollar. Anyway, a big thank you to the entire PLB team, esp Shawn and Rachel. Will be back for more the next cycle.

  • Rina Ho
    Google Review

    PLB was very informative and caring to helping me make a wise decision to rent out my apartment within 3days! But most of all being there for me to follow up with tenant/apartment matters as I live overseas . Big call out to Shawn Tay - his amicable, attentive and responsive manner puts me at ease.

  • Wei Chun Gan
    Google Reviews

    Thanks Shawn, Caline and PLB team to make the property selling/buying easier. Also learned a lots from their insightful information backed by latest analytic data. Their service is good and professional.

  • Desmond Lim
    Google Review

    Shawn and Caline provided an excellent service helping us to market our property. We touched base about 6 months before MOP, and they guided us smoothly as to the steps and timeline to adhere to. They were knowledgeable and could answer us swiftly whenever we posed questions, and did almost everything they could for us - we pretty much did almost nothing! Definitely would recommend them to my friends and family, and anyone reading this feedback. Trust that you are very much in good hands! :)

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      Listing Date: August 21, 2023
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      Listing Date: July 28, 2023
      Sold Date: August 20, 2023

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      Listing Date: May 26, 2023
      Sold Date: June 28, 2023

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      Listing Date: March 7, 2023
      Sold Date: August 23, 1970

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