Avenue South Residence New Launch Condo Review – Rail Corridor’s your Garden | Watch Greater Southern Waterfront unfold

Set in the Bukit Merah enclave at Silat Avenue (not to be confused with Sirat Rd), Avenue South Residence consists of two 56-storey majestic towers of residences of over 1,074 units. Cloistered within various ongoing master plans such as The Central Business District, Outram Medical Campus, the Greater Southern Waterfront and Southern Ridges, the project is slated for completion in 2023. It is sited along the luscious 24km Rail Corridor, promoting communal activities, further developments and more.

5 Important Lessons We Learnt from Selling 269 Homes In The Last 24 Months

In 2017, when The PropertyLimBrothers brand was set up, we struggled to sell properties effectively. Our solution, after much deliberation, was to focus on our marketing strategy. Through capitalising on social media and building a strong foundation, we have successfully managed to sell 269 homes in the last 24 months. Here are 5 important lessons we have learnt along the way. For those within the property industry, or are planning their next big startup, this is for you.

One Pearl Bank New Launch Condo Review – a Haven at the Heart of the City

One Pearl Bank is an upcoming development nestled at the foot of Pearl’s Hill City Park. It prioritises cosiness, community and convenience. Boasting a wonderful location, views and facilities, One Pearl Bank is a development that offers a comfortable stay and stable exit strategy. We invite you to read on to find out more.