Normanton Park New Launch Condo Review – No-sale ban lifted, best views of Kent Ridge Park

Cloistered by the natural woodland of Kent Ridge Park, One Normanton Park vibes off tranquility within, sitting atop a 19 metres upland above ground level for vantage views of southern Singapore. The development boasts more than 100 facilities, enriching life within the residences, and unlocks connectivity to the western front which opens up another wealth of opportunities.

Parc Clematis New Launch Condo Review – Beach Pool, countless amenities. What units are left?

The unit types available at this development range from one-bedders to bungalows, catering to a wide unit typology. Most of the rooms in the unit are also squarish, providing owners with the freedom on how they wish to design the rooms. Even though there are nine buildings, there is a good density spread among the blocks to ensure that there is sufficient privacy for all owners.