Major Ripple Effects of the PLH Model

The Prime-Location Housing (PLH) Model sensationalised Singapore’s housing market earlier this year. While the specifics of the PLH model are widely available, the more important question that few have answered so far remains: how will this affect my real estate journey? In this article, we will look at how each measure ripples through the market and affects aspiring buyers and sellers.

How to best market your property (home staging, do’s and don’ts during viewing, property market exposure)

The reality is that your home is just one amongst the sea of other properties being listed in the market. With the diversity and myriad of choices available for buyers, they have the liberty to be critical of even the most trivial issues, especially if they intend to purchase for their own occupation. In our latest Insights article, we explore how to best market your property, so that your property can stand out.

Fixed vs Floating Interest Rate – What are the differences?

In this article, we will be diving deep into the different types of interest rates that you should be looking out for when receiving a mortgage loan letter of offer. We have realised that home buyers are usually confused between a fixed interest rate package and a floating interest rate package. We will outline the main differences between a fixed and floating interest rate, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and which packages will be more suitable for you in different circumstances.

The Chasm Gap: Pricing behaviour of Singapore’s Landed Market

In this article, we take a look at what we term as the Chasm Gap – the divergence between price movements for landed and non-landed properties – and examine the implications of such a pricing trend on the Landed market in Singapore. We also provide a checklist on the traits of a strong, future-proof property, in the event that you are searching for your next landed home.

Should I use CPF or Cash For My Property Down payment? | Investors Ep 9

A common question among young couples looking to purchase their first home is whether they should use CPF or cash for their first property down payment In this episode of our investors series, we dive into figuring out whether using CPF or Cash would be better for making your first property down payment according to your financial situation.

5 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Congratulations! You have passed the RES examinations and are all ready to kickstart your career as a professional Real Estate Agent. You may have many questions and doubts in your mind – What is your next step? Which agency should you join? How to ensure you succeed in this business? Fret not, as we’ll share some advice for you to make this new journey a tad less fearsome for you! These are 5 tips to help you in this new journey.

Is there a best time to sell my property? (Timing the market)

The environment of the property market is different every year. Many articles may even suggest an “ideal” month to sell your property. In our latest Insights article, we dig deep into the factors you should focus on when timing the sale of your property, and the specific market conditions to look out for when timing the sale of your property!

6 Criteria You Want to Look Out For When Viewing or Buying a Property in Singapore

We’ve always known Singapore to be a small country by land size, and yet when the time comes for us to purchase a property, there still seems to be a wide variety of options for us to choose from. Deciding which property to buy can be a tall order to fill especially with so many factors in play e.g. location, condo’s facilities, facade of the building… the list goes on. To help you keep a clear head and make an informed decision, we’ve put together six criteria to look out for when viewing or buying a property here in Singapore.