Month: April 2022

How Should You Select an Investment Shophouse?

Picking an investment might be “easy” in some cases. See potential in Electric Vehicle brands like Tesla? Buy. See the potential in the future of E-Commerce platforms like Shopee? Buy. The decision becomes increasingly difficult when you’re dealing with a large sum of money or investments with less public information available. In our latest Insights article, we explore how you should select the right Shophouse to invest in.

Not Getting Married (Part 1) — What Decisions Should You Make on Housing: Renting?

Having a place to call your own is a deeply personal matter. It is a major aspiration and milestone for youths who are adulting. In Singapore, we joke about how BTO applications are substituting romantic proposals. The truth of the matter is that there are social groups falling through the cracks. Not everyone can afford to buy property in Singapore. In this article, we focus on singles and couples who do not intend or plan to get married.

Segmentation of Landed Properties – What this means for you as a Landed Buyer

With the chasm gap in mind, this presents a favourable opportunity to purchase your next landed home. As a landed buyer, you might be in two minds on deciding exactly what type of landed home is suitable for you. Follow us as we categorise the landed market into four main distinctive segments to help identify what is fitting for you, and share some perspectives to consider before making your purchase decisions.