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MOAT Analysis — MRT Effect

Unique to PLB, our MOAT Analysis tool is capable of providing a comprehensive bird’s eye view on factors influencing the future value of your new home. In our latest Insights article, we dived into the fourth factor of our MOAT Analysis tool – MRT Effect. Why does it matter? How do we use it in the MOAT analysis?

PLB Insights 2022 Q1 Report

In our quarterly report, we review how Singapore’s real estate market has performed. We cover macro and micro factors that might indicate where the market is going. In our latest Insights report, we explore the property segments to pay attention to throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond.

An Introduction to PLB’s MOAT Analysis

The holy grail of investment is the ability to read the future. Is this investment going to make me money? Is it going down the drain? Every investor’s desire is to have this crystal ball to read the future. While this doesn’t really exist in reality, it hasn’t stopped people from trying to make the mythical palantir. In our latest Insights article, we introduce PLB’s MOAT Analysis tool.

2021’s Best & Worst-Performing Region: Crisis or Opportunity?

As the year draws to a close, we thought that it might be apt to look back at how each market region in Singapore has performed for the year. While it’s no secret that the overall private residential market has had a decent year, does that mean that all regions performed equally well? In today’s article, we’ll be zooming into the price behaviours for the CCR, RCR & OCR to study their individual performances for the year. We’ll also discuss if the worst-performing region is facing a crisis or does it actually present investors with an opportunity to enter into a future growth region.