Landed Homes Series 02— How to afford a landed home in Singapore?

Landed homes in Singapore are hard to miss, and it’s been said that only the top 5% of the wealthier Singaporeans are able to afford it. But how true is that? Are 99-years terraces and bungalows even viable when there’s freehold? How’s the purchase like? PropertyLimBrothers dives down in this segment, where we define why 99-years landed homes are the more affordable option, and a great entry into Singapore’s landed properties.

Landed Home Series 01 – 5 Types of landed homes in Singapore

What types of landed homes are there in Singapore? How many landed houses are there? 73,105 landed homes to be near exact, and with land scarcity always a pressing issue, owning one is both a luxury and a prime investment. In this article, we break these down for you, with all the technicalities that make a landed home, landed. Strata landed/cluster homes, semi-Ds, GCBs and more.